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Hello everyone!! How have you beeeeen?

It's been a week since I've last updated this space of mine and I'm really sorry ): I've been so busy from sch work to work and more that I've been neglecting my own health too. Feeling kinda feverish as I'm typing this out sighhh

Sooooo, here are some updates on my life!

I'm currently having my end of semester exams for my final year of school with Singapore Polytechnic! 3 cheers and 3 cheers and 3 cheers for graduation lolol. Can't wait to get my intern done and over with cause I hate to study things that i'm not interested in (in case you forgot, i'm talking about this).

Other than that, I've also been really busy trying to change my blog layout... you know, to make it look more professional since my blog has been looking like crap ever since I started last year. The blog layout and HTML is actually already completed by a friend, but I didn't had time to arrange for a photoshoot to prepare the new layout pics (which i can also use my for my namecard). So yup, everything will be delayed till I get the photoshoot done.

Ohh!! I've also been trying to discuss some works with my clients (I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MY SKINCARE SPONSOR IF I'VE ANY CUZ MY COMPLEXION IS DETERIORATING T_T) and I also have a line of adverts waiting for you guys to read :) Do check back more often.

Lastly would be to inform you guys that my camera broke T_T I've sent it to be repaired at the casio office.. which means that I would be pretty much handicapped with just my iphone camera for my next few blogposts. Siann

Moving on..

I met Kc last monday to have Seoul Xpress together at Jurong Point, which is their only available outlet in Singapore so far.

To be honest, the main reason why I even visited Jurong point in the first place was to do some shopping with the vouchers I had in hand (courtesy to Jurong point!). I had like... $100 worth of seoul xpress vouchers? Sooo yah, I decided to treat my hyung for dinner that day. 
 If you've no idea what Seoul Xpress is, it's basically the sub-branch of Seoul Garden & also the first korean fast food restaurant in Singapore... (or what I would like to call, Korean food in Mac donalds style lolol).

So basically you go ahead and purchase your food at the counter before heading to your seats and wait for your food..

Some visuals before the food came.

What we had for dinner (we also took away a total of 2tokbokki .. yums)
In overall, we enjoyed our dinner there as the serving and proportion of the food is filling enough. Other than that, the food tasted pretty good (kc loved the cheese ramen he ordered) and the food came pretty fast too! Would definitely head back soon to spend the remaining of my vouchers *_*

Seoul Xpress
Jurong Point Shopping Mall
Tel: 67907730

Afterwards, we wen to TheFaceShop to get my CC cream as KC has been recommending for me to try it ever since he came back from Korea! But before that, I've actually been tempted to try out the BB/CC cream range since it was released recently! I like the way how it actually works by moisturizing your face, providing it with mild coverage and giving many beneficial qualities at the same time!

WHY I WANNA TRY? Cause my tinted moisturizer is gonna finish T_T I've always been using this tinted moisturizer (which moisturizes and gives a tint coverage for my post acne scars) from the US but I think it's too expensive for me to get it again. But if I don't apply a really good moisturizer, my skin will peel -.- Soo yaaa, I decided to give the CC Cream a try since KC said it was really good.

The one that I got was this!! $49.90

I know I know, the compact casing looks damn ... feminine and I'm not effeminate okay lolol. It's just that they didn't had the men's range cc cream in singapore (it's available in korea, please bring it in thank you) so I decided to get this since it had my colour. They had another CC cream which comes with a tube casing but it was too dark for my skin tone. DAMNN, why am I so fair lolol.

SOO YAH, after spending a long time at TheFaceShop decided on what to get, we headed to JEM afterwards to explore...
 Went to G2000 to look for some stuff before we started loitering around the mall till 90% of the shops closed :\
Got gongcha before we left!! Headed off to play LAN at Lot2 before casper joined us and had supper at Swee Choon :D
Anyway... i'll be doing a review of the CC cream once I've the time. I think many of you guys would be interested in it cause it's so damn freaking good!!!! Will talk about it more another time, bye :)

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