Date at the Night Safari

While I was at Sakae yesterday, I happen to hear this song over the radio and the first person who came to my mind was naomi ! Why naomi ? It's cause she was the one who introduced this song to me when we went to the night safari a couple of months back! I didn't blog about this before ... no idea why too but hey! It's never too late :) 

Some of the pictures are grabbed off

So yeah, on that day, I drove all the way to the other end of singapore to pick up the princess for our date at the Night Safari.

We caught one of the new shows that has been added to the night safari. Look at the crowd!!! So packed even on a weekday @@

Most of the pictures taken that day were relatively blur due to the dark lighting and we weren't allowed to take any photos in flash. Aghhhhgh so bear with it okay? hahah
After the show ended, we went for a ride on the tram!!!
Woooo we were seated on the last row. 
No pictures could be taken during the ride as flash isn't allowed and it's  too dark for the camera to take any proper photos. Below's an example.
The flamingos were really pretty
While we were on the ride, we saw lots of animals! Ranging from cows, hippos, rhinos, elephants and more. However, whenever we come across the cages of the animals which STINKS, naomi will be like " TYLER Y ARE U INSIDE. EEEE SO SMELLY, You're the cow/elephant/rhino etcetc ". So annoying lol hahaha.

After the ride, the careless princess realized that she left her camera flash thingy on the night show's benches. Took some photos while we were waiting at the lost and found counter to recover her flash thingy.
We left the night safari for dinner at East coast park afterwards. We WERE DEADDD HUNGRYYY. I forgot what we did that day but somehow we managed to chill till 11+?
Food for the 2 pigs
Drove the princess home afterwards. What a fun/tiring day :D

And that's the end of this post!!! You know, as I'm writing drafting this post out, I'm actually really really happy. Normally, I could only visit such special places with my family. Yup, as loser-ish as I may sound, I've never got the opportunity to spend my time with someone special, or a special friend at such a place :\ Other than a valentines date at the punggol lalang field with S earlier this

But well, I'm still young!!! I've yet to visit the river safari, SEA aquarium and more so I hope i'll get to do so with someone special in the future :D Fingers crossed.

A little random song to share with you guys before I really end this post. I was setting my new playlist with 300+songs on shuffle and this song was the first song to be played. Guess it's fate @@ But yeah, enjoy the song!...


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