Date with Familia

Had a date with my familia at JCube/JEM on the 2nd of September :)
 First thing I did when we reached JCube was to ask my mum to take an OOTD shot for me.

And it turned out like this....

Okay at least this photo pass... I think. HAHA
 While were we dining at JEM
Back at JCube again to catch The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
 Failed wink LOL
Mortal Instruments ....was so-so, still watchable but it didn't really left me in awe... 

Went to JEM afterwards to do some shopping for my interns :) Spot my mummy
 Bought two new shirts and a tie at G2000. The price of the tie = price of x2 shirts -_- I wonder who came up with the pricing plan at G2000 lol. Spent a hundred on these!
 Headed with my familia to JB to have our usual seafood feast :D YUMS AH NOM NOMS

This is the restaurant we always frequent to! Everything's so yummy and affordable there (located just opposite plaza sentosa hotel).
 HERE COMES THE HEAVENLY TASTING CHICKEN WING SATAY!!! It's my favourite + must have whenever I visit that stall!
Feli looks so cute here :x HAHAHA
 The other food we ordered :)
MY FAVOURITE WHITE PEPPER BUTTER CRAB !!! It tastes so freaking heavenly, well at least to me it is heavenly. I think my taste buds are changing as I grow older :\ When I was younger,  I used to prefer black pepper crab over everything else. Now.... I would actually prefer the salted/butter/white pepper crabs. WHY LIKE THAT HAR
You hungry? :D
 Went to wash the audi at the usual snow wash area at JB afterwards. Was really bored so I started playing with this poor stray cat ):
 Okay.. thinking about it now, I hate this cat LOL. He was stalking our table and meowing non stop that day. Being the kind and *ahem* generous me, I went to the nearest 24 hour mart to get some milk and bread (there's no cat food available there)... AND HE REJECTED MY OFFER.  He didn't even bother trying out the milk nor the bread. I HATE YOU.

Okay it's time for me to get my dinner. Tatahh!


  1. you have a brother??

  2. is there a address for that restaurant or smth....? well other then what you mentioned of course.

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