Dinner at Causeway Point


As usual I would like to apologize for the recent lack of updates. As mentioned in my previous posts, my intern have started and I'm currently working full time for PFS (Property Facilities Services Management)!!!

My work there has taught me a whole lot of new things and the people around me. When I was younger, I used to think that people who work as Hawkers, or people who sell vegetables, fruits and such are really poor people.... Maybe it was due to my young age and lack of knowledge back then. But as I grow older, I got to see things in a different perspective and was in WOW when I started work with PFS last week.

I was dispatched to the Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre and I'm currently working there as a property officer, mainly taking care of the entire facility and building itself and making sure that everything is okay. Recently, I've been taking walks around the facility during my patrol hours and I realize how different these people were from my imagination.

When I was younger, I would think that these people selling spices, vegetables and fruits to be people who would slave themselves everyday, carrying boxes of food and would be struck with poverty and hard work for the rest of their lives etc etc. HOWEVER... I WAS DEAD WRONG.

These taokehs (bosses) are soooo freaking rich, they own at least 1 really high end car (like porche, lambo, merserati, rolls royce etc) and spend most of their days sitting down and chit chatting :\

I got to talk to a couple of them and I've learnt a whole lot about them.

Even though it's just week 2 of my interns, I can say that my eyes have really opened a whole lot and I'm seeing several things in life in a whole new different perspective already. (ALSO, more determined to work harder for my future ^^)


 I met up with Ziro on the 07/09/2013 for dinner at causeway point. It was my second time at causeway point as I rarely travel to areas around the north ....but since I had nothing to do while waiting for KC's movie to end, I decided to travel there to spend some time. OH , AND HAVE DINNER AT PASTMANIA TOO!
 I'm starting to have a habit of passing my camera to the people sitting opposite of me, so that I can have a couple of candid shots to post up on instagram. I've to say... ziro did a good job in taking a lot of really candid photos of me (lots of unglam ones too but i'm not gonna post them up here lol)
 Even when I told him to stop taking and eat his food, he continued trigger happy-ing away ~_~ which explains the shot below.
 After meeting up with KC, we went to the nearest playground near causewaypoint to start playing with our candles and sparklers :D Some pre-mid autumn festival fun!!!
 Headed to Lot 2 to play LAN afterwards :D
 Went trigger happy with the camera before heading home x)
 KC's got that " feeling feeling " hahaha
 Candid shot x)
 Went home afterwards :) KC looked like a little boy that day, don't you agree? Hahaha 
Will try to update again later this week. Bye!

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