Recently, I've been receiving lots of questions from different people asking me why I'm participating in the various competitions this year. At times, I would question myself too. But as I reflect on it on a daily basis, I realize that it's sort of like... my inner-self emerging slowly? It's like, it wants to prove many people wrong. Wait, what? PROVE PEOPLE WRONG? What people?

Well, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in my previous posts in the past, but since young, I've always been the one who gets teased, bullied, made fun of and stuff. I was ALWAYS the underdog, always being expected to do things for others and always feeling like a loser.

My primary school days were no joke, I didn't had much friends. Only a few, named jiaqi, peihao etc etc. We're considered the ones who're the "losers" in the class, always being teased. For me? I'm being teased for being too petite, being too fair, often being called " 白斬雞 " (white cut chicken). But yeah when I was young I would just cry it off and a continue playing my pokemon, yu-gi-oh thingy lol. I was relatively happy back then though, cause my friend and I will just "dive" into the world of Pokemon and ignore all our problems x)

THEN comes secondary school! Here comes the drama and stuff. You know when you enter secondary school, you will eventually get exposed to the different gang names, songs and stuff and eventually you'll even have friends who're so called " gang members ". There, I used to be the person who was bullied by them but somehow, I managed to befriend them over the years... maybe cause I " proved my worth " and stood up for myself. Oh and of course, they've wisened up and stopped with the bullying over the years lol. These friends somehow became my pillar of support and strength. Yes, they do tease people and stuff but in overall they're really nice people. However, due to me hanging out with them, some of the teachers in the school deemed us as losers due to their previous gangster-ish behavior (how familiar -.-).

I remember back then, one of my teacher told me straight up that I'll never succeed in life and that I'll be going into an ITE (not saying that going to an ITE is a bad thing but it practically means that I've wasted another year in the normal academic stream... which is pretty bad in my opinion... cause it means that I've been wasting my time. FYI, I fell asleep during my PSLE science paper and barely passed so I was in the NA stream lol).

I remember studying like mad for my O's back then and TADAH! I managed to get the top 10 in my class lolol and also a bursary for my prelims ^^. I PROVED YOU WRONG BITCH. SO YOU CAN JUST SUCK IT
So I graduated from WSSS and got enrolled into SP.

BUT the main point here is that indescribable awesome fabulous I-CAN-DO-IT feeling I got when I managed to prove her (that teacher) wrong, or anybody else who used looked down on me before!!! LOOK!! I CAN SUCCEED IF I DO MY BEST SO YOU CAN JUST SUCK IT.

Hahaha I'm laughing to myself as I'm posting this picture of Max from 2 broke girls up lol. So yeah, anyway, as you all know I'm currently in the TMS2013 semi finals !!!  But frankly speaking, though I've joined quite a lot of competitions this year, another thing I've to admit is that... I actually have a pretty low confidence and it gets even worst when my friends go " YOU CAN WIN THIS ' and stuff. YES I do wanna win this kinda badly so that I can prove to the people who look down on me, wrong. But deep down, I know that I'm may not even have a chance to win a single thing .... cause you see, since the very start, I've always felt that I'm not good looking enough, neither do I have a killer smile like the rest or have talents (I should go kill myself now WHY AM I NOT TALENTED). STILL, I will try my very best and make those who look up to me, proud (and this is for you, all my loyal and lovable supporters. ILUBBBBYOUUUU).

So In the end, I want to it clear that even a LOSER like me can make it to become SOMEONE if you're willing to stand up for yourself! I'm the loser who won a national acting cute (gwiyomi) competition, the loser who got the title of Mr Sensational at TMGY2013, the loser who got scouted by an ent company and more!! Even those who used to think that I've a shit blog can SUCK IT! Cause I'm working hard for it and I'm earning my moolah through it! 

For those reading, don't let anybody depreciate the value in you :) Work hard and stand up for yourself! Prove all those who looks down on you wrong so that they too, can SUCK IT!
Ending this post with a photoshoot/makeover photo taken by liting :) Will blog about it soon when I've the rest of the photos! 


  1. 不管過去是什麽樣子的,如今的你能夠成長也是因爲過去的你不曾放棄。


  2. love the last photo! really great edit and everything. jiayou!! :)

  3. Hi, just wanted to say your post gives me hope to becoming more than who I am since I'm also one of those "losers" 감사합니다!!!