Outing with Jess

Met up with le bff on last tuesday (27/08/2013). It's been... 2months since I've last met up with her. Actually, we kinda drifted apart during the July-August period but we're all a-ok now :D

We planned to meet at 6pm at Jurong Point but that ass was late for a whole hour. Decided to spend my time at the arcade :D In case you don't know, I LOVE playing these fighting machines (like the ones shown below) cause I would normally spend up to only $1 for a whole hour. Very cheap for an hour of entertainment leh!!!

Anyway the game below is called Arcane Hearts 2. 
The bff came while I was playing my second round.
 OMGGG am I gonna get owned by the sub-boss? 
 Nawww, I'm gonna use... 
 My special summon! ROAR
 Okay enough of Arcane hearts 2 lolol. We decided to take some photos at the arcade as it was pretty empty that day :)

When I'm in charge of taking the photos, the picture turns out like this... 
 And I suppose this is her way of getting back at me.... LOL
The low angle shot to make her legs look longer... but her pose really last warning =.=
We had dinner at Dian Xiao Er afterwards!
 This is their signature dish! The duck roasted with 10 wonder herbs!
 I'm trying to make it a habit to take lots of photos before the food arrives. But the photos turns out... alittle too much as the bff went trigger happy with it lol. BEAR WITH ME
 The picture's blur due to the uneven lighting... but apparently jess is trying to show off her chopstick skills... There she is holding onto tiny piece of peanut lolol.
 YOU GUYS MUST SERIOUSLY GIVE THEIR DUCK A TRY. It's soooo yummy and not forgetting to mention, HEALTHY. The aroma of the herbs and the duck blended in perfectly and you also get to taste a sweet savory mouthful of sauce with every bite of the duck.
 We ordered their COD too :D Boneless fish FTW!!! But this was rather pricy... around $20+ for the fish alone?
The walkway that leads to the restaurant
 And then something funny happened. While we were strolling around Jurong Point, we came across this poster of Mark Lee and he seriously looks horrible here due to the angle lolol... SINCE WHEN HE'S SO FAT
 But if you look closely, he looks really different even in the photos shown below
 Moving on~
We went back to the arcade as Jess suggested for us to take neoprints. 
 And look what we spotted!!!
 TO BE VERY VERY VERY HONEST. I didn't like these minions at all cause their googles looks very weird... Another thing I didn't mention when I posted this photo up on instagram is that... I WAS MERELY PRETENDING TO CATCH THE MINIONS. AHHAHHA, no I didn't insert any money at all x) I was reading the responses you guys left me and I couldn't stop laughing haha.
 Le Bff's favourite pose -_- She has this weird thing for people with nice nostrills =.=
 Come. Let's show her this face together 

=.=  =.=  =.=  =.= 

BFF, YOU SEE THIS? lolol. 

Took some OOTD shots after this! :D
 Showing off her curves. Show off LOL 
 She suddenly had this idea of taking photos with her hair flying around... you know, like those hair shampoo advertisements shown on the TV.
 I tried... HAHAH
 She tried to make her hair " fly " again while we were on the way to the park. 

Enjoy the rest of the visuals~
Anyway, the winner for the Agnes x Unicorn giveaway is Yeow Jiayi !!! Please email me again with your address :) Really sorry for the delays as I've been having a hard time in life right now. But i'll make it through cause I'm a super pikachu!! lolol. Look forward to my upcoming posts,k? :)

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