Sheena X Eric's birthday celebration

HELLOOOOOO!!! Today marks day 3 of my interns but i'm already on MC lol! Had some army medical thingy earlier in the afternoon and i'm in so much discomfort now >< I'm trying my best to get adjusted to the new "body-clock" routine and it seems that it's working well so far! Work's been fine, i've really nice colleagues who treats me real nice and i'm really grateful :) 

Anyway, I met up with my GC babies for dinner at Bugis on the 31st of August. DAMNNNNN, that day was one of the worst I've ever had ): Not that the company wasn't good but something came up and I was so pissed/depressed halfway through the event. OKAY OKAY I shan't talk more about that..

SO YEAH, I had dinner with my GC babies at Sakae :) 

With Joanna!!
And of course Ridhwan :D 
Spot naomi spot her spot her!
After dinner at Sakae, we went to get a birthday card for our manager, sheena!!!

Drove everyone to Sentosa afterwards where the party was held. We got terribly lost and ended up at the other end of sentosa while we were looking for the villa. My mood was terrible then as I sweating like a pig and something came up >=(

After an hour, we managed to make our way to the villa!!! It was a Barbie x Ken themed party
Naonao :D 
Yummy bits of pasta 
Shine hehe 
With the birthday boy eric :D Frankly speaking, he's one of the funniest friend I've ever had! If you're out with him, you can expect the day to be filled with laughter x) 
The two actresses, needs no explanation x)
And how can we forgot the princess of the party that night :D SHEENAAAA!!! Happy birthday once again <3 Stay cuteeee and awesome yeah! LOVEE YOUUUU.  
Oh and the right is my friend of... 3 years? He's lincoln :D

Here's naonao working hard...
With Daryl Dage :) He's currently in the process of filming Point of Entry 4!!! Do support him once it goes live on our local tv :) 
With Jolene ;D
Another one of our pretty managers, Freda :D Sadly the photo is blur ):
Went to take a look at the villa's bedroom and bathroom and spotted this vainpot lil sis of mine :D Say hi to eunice~
And not forgetting the famous suria actress, Lydia :p HELPPP I'M SURROUNDED BY GORGEOUS GIRLS!! hahaha
One of the people I got to know through partying. Was shocked to see him at the party that day. Yesyes, singapore's small and I know that. But I didn't know that IT'S THAT SMALL to bump into a familiar face there! Say hi to justin!
Back at the living room
Annoying fai ruined the photo with that balloon tsk
The outdoor pool...
The last photo taken while everyone's still sober ;) Drove these peeps to zouk afterwards!

So yeah, that's all of this post :) Hope you guys enjoyed the visuals.

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Thank you :D 

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