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Today, I am going to talk about something which everyone's interested in - MY FACE!!!

A lot of my followers and readers have the misconception that I have perfect skin. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't ):

One of my main skin concerns over the years have been my overwhelming amount of blackheads and whiteheads. ALSO, the acne scars that were left behind during my teens.
Yeah, I know that in most of my photos, these problems are not really visible but if you look really closely in a well lighted area, you can already see a couple of bumps (comedones) here and there. It doesn't really bother me much at first but it started to annoy me whenever I'm washing my face! Can't these annoying bumps just leave me already? grrrr

You may think that a guy shouldn't really bother much about their complexion. But I TELL YOU ONE THING! It is REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT for a guy to be conscious about their complexion!! Your face is one of the things that a person looks at on first sight and having a pimply face with horrible complexion doesn't really appeal to people.

So it's really important for you to take care of your complexion. As having a good complexion also helps to boost your CONFIDENCE! Yay.

And that is why, I decided to take action and do something about my complexion before it gets worst! So I gave Asian Skin Solutions a try! But don't forget also that having enough sleep or eating healthily is some ways to take care of your skin too!

Why Asian Skin Solutions?

Well, for one, Asian Skin Solutions targets Asians (duh lolol) and they're also the only one in Singapore who specializes in dealing with Asian Skin Types and Asian Skin Problems. I did some research and found out that Asian generally have different skin concerns and problems as compared to the Caucasians due to the differences in our weather and climate. So what are the common problems faced by us as compared to them?
Oily skin, Acnes/Pimples, Dull/Uneven Skin Tones, Wide pores

Freckles, Dry Skin, Wrinkles

So Asian Skin Solutions actually have treatments that helps to solve the above stated concerns! Not only that, Asian Skin Solutions caters to both Males and Females so for all the male readers out there, this is for you too!!!

I made an appointment with Asian Skin Solutions (Parkmall outlet) on the 7th of October and was greeted by the friendly specialists there! I was then brought to a room by them to have my skin analyzed after filling up my registration form.
While i'm undergoing the skin analysis test!
 If you look at the pictures below, it shows the different levels of my face condition
 And this was the overall result. The circles further away from the centre would represent the concerns which I would need to pay more attention to! In this case, It would be the wide pores, sebum and oil on my face ):
After the thorough analysis done by the specialist, Jade. She wrote down a list, filled with steps of treatments which I will be undergoing!!! Every treatment would be personalized so the ones i'm going through will be specially made, suited for me!
I was then led to the VIP room to begin my treatment!!! :))
 The comfy beddddd which I fell asleep on halfway through the treatment
 A selfie before we begin :) I look so tired after work!
 Step 1: Double Cleansing and Scrubbing!!! 
Step 2: Application of this comedone softener which would help to surface my comedones! This would make it easier for the consultants to extract my comedones later. LOOK AT THAT AGGRESSIVE PIMPLE ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE WHICH HAS SURFACED!!
 The light extraction begins ;) 
 The amount of comedones extracted on my face. SO GROSS RIGHT. But well, it's no longer on my face anymore sooo all these will be dumped lolol. BYE BYE COMEDONS
Step 3: Nano light treatment!

A specialized collagen serum was applied to my face to brighten it and also helps in lifting my face! My face still looks reddish after all the extractions here... but you'll see some magic later on. 
The treatment was soooo relaxing and cold ^^ 
The serum was first applied onto half of my face so that I can show you guys the difference! Realize that on the left side of my face, it looks brighter now and my face has firmed up? Giving it a more V shape..!? WHAT MAGIC IS THIS. 
The serum was applied to the rest of my face and I was treated to a heavenly facial massage. I was told that this helps to expel the toxins on my face !
Shiok to the max.
 Last but not least, a mask to reduce the redness of my skin!! Not only that, it helps to address and targets my skin concerns too!
 I look like a mummy. ARE YOU AFRAID. ROAR hahaha 
 A second layer of mask was applied to my face
 I look like one of the monsters in the movie " House of wax" hahaha. 
 I fell asleep after the application of the mask. Was woken up around 30minutes later and the mask was cleansed away. LOOK!!! My face isn't that red anymore :) 
 Left Asian Skin Solutions happy, with a clearer and brighter complexion :) Not only that, the staff were really nice to give this to me!!! YAY FAMOUS AMOS COOKIES!!! Thank you all so much ^^
My experience at Asian Skin Solutions is soo freaking awesome and I definitely enjoyed being pampered by them there!!

Now here's the deal, I enjoyed myself at Asian Skin Solutions but I would like you guys to experience this for yourself too~ Soooo, I'm here to inform you guys that Asian Skin Solutions is currently having an October promotion!

First 50 to answer a simple question, gets a FREE customized Facial + Dark-Eye Circle Treatment!

All you have to do is 

2. OR Call 6767 0077 for enquiries

Terms and Conditions to apply:
- Above 18 years old and above only
- Valid for both Male and Females
- Strictly by appointment only.
- Promotion valid for 2 months

Asian Skin Solutions locations:  
• Parkmall 9 Penang Road #11-04 Spore 238459
• Bugis Village 154 Rochor Road Singapore 188425

Don't wait any longer! Get yourself pampered with Asian Skin Solutions now!!! :)

A picture taken a day after my treatment at Asian Skin Solutions! Face no longer red and looks really clear and refreshed :D I look tired though, will blog more about this later this week! ;)

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