Genki Sushi // Seventh Heaven

Had dinner with Shela, Rainbow and Fabian the Fabulous at Genki Sushi the day after my TMS13 photoshoot ended. It was great being able catch up with Shela as I've been really really busy since September started!

I was really really hungry after a full day of photoshoot so I grabbed a whole lots of plates and ate like a pig that day lol 
Their crabmeat chawanmushi is da bombzzz
This is something I'll never miss out on when I'm dining in a Japanese restaurant!!! Ebi Mentai !!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Scallop mentai too but it wasn't available at Genki ): Oh well. 
Look at rainbow! Eat till so happy :O 
Another serving of Ebi Mentai for myself :p 
Plain udon for me to solo. Told ya I'm a pig!
And these mini takoyaki were mine too heheh
Had a really fulfilling dinner but I was NOT that full yet. I suggested for us to have Ice cream at 7th Seventh afterwards
Some selfies taken by my friends as we were waiting for our ice cream
Shela and her cleavage shot lolol
TADAH! This was our tray of colourful ice cream scoops. 
It may look reaaaal nice and yummy but the taste was actually pretty mehhh -_-
The total cost of this 12 scoops was around $29 ! But frankly speaking, I'll never go back there again as the ice cream is pretty overrated and not up to standard. I would rather have cold stone with the rest! 

Me with the tray of ice cream!
Accidentally got ice cream on my nose. Unglam max hahaha
You have to thank fabian for this really "chio" shot of me -_-
And like I said, the ice cream was pretty meh, that explains why we didn't clear the ice cream
Since the ice cream was gonna be wasted, I decided to do some " art " with it. I made a rose using one of the serviettes there :) 
Colouring in process...
The final product HAHAHA. WHY AM I SO ARTISTIC. 
Headed home after we were done playing with the ice cream. I'm definitely not recommending the ice cream but if you're interested, you can try it out yourself at

Orchard Central, level 2 (full service cafe) - 68847510

Ahhh, finally one blogpost is down and I've more to clear!

I've been really really busy with my internship, work, TMS and more recently to the point that I've barely anytime to rest ): Haven't had much good sleep due to some unsettling family problems too... For now, I'm seriously hoping that the weekend will be good on me cause it's my birthday celebration week!!!

I'll probably try to clear as much posts as possible before October ends. So do keep coming back :)

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