My hospital diagnosis

Went for my long awaited medical appointment at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital after waiting for 3months. I'm not sure if you guys remember, but I've mentioned before that I've a real and serious case of joint inflammation every now and then and till now, it's been killing me ):

I went to the Hospital on the 1st of October after being referred from a doctor at CCK polyclinic.
I've been playing O2JAM to kill time recently. I used to spend hours and hours on the computer game and playing it on the phone really brings back lots of memories :)))

Some photos while I was waiting for my turn. Thank you fatty for accompanying me ;)
Yes i'm playing 5 buttons and yes I'm a pro too *flips my imaginary hair*
Went to get myself tested and the specialist diagnosed me with inflammatory arthritis ):

Frankly speaking, I  was really upset by the fact that I've this disease and apparently, there's no cure for it at the present moment. This means that I'll have to bear with the consistent joint inflammation and pain it has been bringing me and it would also affect my gym-work lifestyle ):

But oh well, no one's born perfect. Guess I'm just one of those unlucky ones...

Went to have lunch with the fatty at Far East Plaza's Saveur
If you've tried the Saveur at Haji Lane area before, you must give the Saveur at Far East Plaza a try as it's soooo much better!!

Here's some photos before the food arrives
The chicken skin is crispy, the meat is tender and moist and the entire meal (for me) was really really good! What's the difference between the Saveur at FEP and Saveur at Bugis? Well, the chicken meat at Bugis was wayyyyy tooo dry for me and not to my liking. Thus, I preferred the moist one at FEP. But i guess it's up to your personal preference? hahah

Drove home afterwards x) 

My OOTD for that day
I'm not sure if you guys have realized it but my jaw line has been gradually changing throughout the month of September and has been becoming more smoother and sharper!!! The power of puberty @@ AHAHAHAHA. I'll tell you guys what happened next time (no I did not undergo surgery)
Showing off some of my O2JAM high score before I end this entry :p

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