Teens Model Search 2013 Photoshoot // Tie Dye Project

I'm not sure if you guys know, but i'm currently taking part in Teens Magazine's annual Teens Model Search!

I went for the finalists photo shoot on the 29th of September. Before heading down to the photo shoot venue, the organizers of TMS13 gave us a mini project to complete - Tie Dye Project :) 

Not sure if you guys know what's a Tie dye but here's some examples I grabbed from google!

Obviously I can't do something as good as the ones shown above but well, here goes nothing...

This is the fabric dye which was given to us :) I got dark green!
After mixing it up with salt and warm + warm water. 
I got a used water bottle and poke holes on the cap and poured the concoction in. 
Did the twist tie-dye on an apron and secured it with rubber bands :) 
Pouring the fabric dye on alternate sides! Remember to do this for both sides !!!
IT LOOKS SO UGLY AND MESSY HAHHA. I was expecting it to look like a mess once I remove the rubber bands... turns out
After letting it air dry for ... 4hours, it turned out not bad... RIGHT! TELL ME IT'S NICE WAHAHA
Anyway, the above tie dye project will be donated to charity (I think). I hope the new owner will take good care of my " masterpiece" :p

Moving on, my OOTD on the day of the photoshoot ;)

I was pretty early that day. Got myself changed into the outfit that they've prepared and was given this cow casing with clearlab lenses!
A rather blur pic but here's how it looks like!
Having my makeup and hair done :D
Here's how I look afterwards
Act one supermodel pose HAHHA
Hugeass selfies for your viewing pleasure :p

A glimpse of the studio :p We were not allowed to take any photos beyond the curtain soooo, meh :p
While we were waiting for our turn, I started taking selfies with the other contestants :D 

With Novelle, who was part of group 1 semi-finalist. In group 1, we're all number ones :p 

Just so you know, Novelle is a pageant queen hahaha! She won Miss Southeast Asian Singapore 2013, Miss Singapore International 2013 (1st Runner Up) and Miss Teen Face of Beauty International 2013 (1st Runner Up). I've a feeling that she'll bag home the grand prize for TMS13 lorrr

Practicing our fierce look for the photo shoot. SHE LOOKS SO CUTE RIGHT HAHAHA
Me, Dominic, Sebastian and Novelle ;) 
Idk the names of the other group members.... HAHAHHAA but here's one with the other contestants
The makeup artists and stylists at work :D 
With Inqa and Nov
The clothes for the photoshoot. Everything's from Aeropostale!
Look at my nerd face. So ugly hahah. They got my height written wrongly ):
Short lunch break after some of the peeps were done
With one of the super niceeeee judge for TMS13 :D
With my partner :p Not sure who photobombed HAHAHA
Free flow of burgers from Vegan Burg!!!

Okay back to the photos with the other contestants... 
Crystal (in stripes) and Sky joined in afterwards :D
" Family Photo" 
And that's all :p I hope that I'm able to make it to the finals!!! Fingers crossed haha

Also, I hope that I'll be able to have all the photos taken by the photographers of the shoot @@ Will try to request for it from the organizers so that I can share it with you guys!!!

Another post will be up tmr :p do check back again!

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