Week 4 of Internship

Gonna write some updates on my life today, followed with the usual blogpost and some details for my upcoming birthday celebration.


Intern ship has taken up more than 4/5 of my time! I wake up every morning at 7.30am, leave home at 8am and I normally would reach home only at 7pm. At that time I would normally have my dinner and have barely a few hour to do my other work and stuff. I DON'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO RELAX AND ENJOY MY FAVOURITE SHOWS T_T

And this explains why I have not been blogging regularly. I try to pack my weekends so that I can have nice photos up on my Instagram, Facebook and Blog but it also means that I'll have lesser time to blog too. Sooo yeah, regularly blog readers... don't hate me!! I'll try my best to update more often though, maybe AT LEAST 1-2 posts a week? :\

SOOO anyway, how's your October so far? I HOPE IT'S GOOD! October will be good cause it's my birthday month *fingers crossed*

And since it's october already, I think it's perhaps time to clear the remaining September photos which I've yet to clear. Sooo let's go!

I met up with KC, Xavier and Denson to catch " We are the millers " during early september. We had our really late dinner at Sakae afterwards.
Headed over to Lot Two afterwards to sing K :)
 Had our really late supper afterwards at 302. LOVEEE the char siew and duck rice there :D
 And this xavier decided to go all " WO MENG TI " (I asked heavens) while it was raining lolol. 

For this batch of photos, it was taken last tuesday :) Had dinner wish Spency at Jurong point's ambush
 Took very little closeups that day as I looked HORRIBLE! Met him after work so I guess that explains it all LOL.
 Pot of Clams! With bacon bits and white wine. In my opinion, this dish is a MUST HAVE for clam lovers. Every piece of clam is soooo tender and fragrant and I really love the white wine sauce/soup. The bacon bits just made everything perfect with a tinge of salty. AHHHH I'M CRAVING FOR THIS NOW ): 
 While I was searching for something... hmmm what is it ... 
 These clams were so yummy I could cry T_T 
Their extremely sour tomato soup :\
 Some fried rice and spency ordered.
 My salmon coated with sesame and something something. The portion was JUST NICE and the taste was pretty good. Still craving for the clams though :\
I'll be back to try their famous Squid Ink Pasta soon!!!

#02-24, Jurong Point Shopping Centre
1 Jurong West Central 2

Headed to the Arcade afterwards to do my usual thangggg. ARCANA HEARTS 2 WOOHOO. Owned a noob beside me before this photo was taken x) 
Okay here's some closeup for you guys but forgive me for looking so horrendous :\
 Nah look at spency's blur face. My fav photo taken of him so far lolol
Taught him how to play Arcana hearts 2 afterwards. SO FUNNN HEHEH

Sooo yeah, I suppose that's all.

What's left would be the details for my birthday celebration.

In case you do not know! I will be holding a open-invite celebration for my fans, followers and readers alike!! I've not met up with most of my FRF (fans/followers/readers) before and I thought that it would be fun to make my birthday even more special with the presence of you guys!!! hehehe

SOOOOO after confirming the details, I decided to hold it on the 2nd of November (although my birthday is on the 30/10 but i'll be celebrating with my family on that day). Location wise, I've not confirmed yet but the time slot would be around ... 5-8 for that day ^^ After which I would spend some time with my friends before I get myself really really busy with my TMS competition, work and more.


Event: Tyler's Birthday Celebration.
Date: 2nd November 2013
Time: 5-8 (tbc)
Location: Town (tbc)
Who can come: ANYBODY! It's an open invitation :) Currently I've 20+ people who've confirmed so if you're interested, do join in and let's have ice cream/movie together!!!

If you're interested, just leave me a mail on my Facebook account and I will get back to you guys

My facebook acount: https://www.facebook.com/xaowj

I hope to see you guys celebrate my special day with me!!! :)

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