Hello everyone!!!!
 Guess where I am? hahaha
 Fine, I'll give you a hint.
 Fine, I guess i'm just being lame and no one will ever guess it right. BUT the photo was taken in River Valley High School's library!! I was invited by the Singapore Sports Council for the launch of " Together We Are Stronger " campaign. My my, it was definitely a rush for me that day as I had to immediately drive all the way to boon lay from my work place. But I had no regrets!!! Cause I had a whole lot of fun and I even got a chance to take photo with our nation's athletes! Comeee, let me fill you in on what I did that day!!
 Yilin was there with me that day :) Posing with our goodie bags!! River valley high school is sooo ginormous! Don't you agree?
 A photo taken with Paralympic swimmer, Yip Pin Xiu!!! Yilin, my managers and I had a great time talking to her!! She's not only humble but has a great sense of humour too! hehe We took our time to settle down and waited patiently for a presentation by the students of RV.
 Look!! It's Mr K :) FYI, he's an Olympian!!!
The other two national athletes, Calvin and Asmin :)  Calvin is one of the finalists for Cleo Bachelor 2013!!! Girls, want his number? HAHAHA
 And joining them is our nation's basketballers!
The launch of " TOGETHER, WE ARE STRONGER "!
 Basically the whole concept is about Singaporeans coming together as a whole, to support one another and to support the Team Singapore athletes!!! Woohooo let's go #OurTeamSG !!! After a formal presentation, a Q&A session was exchanged between the students of RV and the Team Singapore athletes. It was really insightful as I learnt how the support from our people would actually help in motivating the athletes to work even harder !! After all, they're no different from us! We're all the same (in the sense that we all work better with encouragement), just that they've greater sporting achievements ;)
 We made our pledges together with the RV Students that day. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!!!
Frankly speaking, it was rather tiring as we had to pose for quite sometime for the photos to be taken HAHAHA! But it was all worth it!! We even got onto the papers the next day :) 
Can you spot me and yilin? If you can't, please wash your eyes hahaha. 
 After the pledges, we went out with the students to form the RV formation! Some selfies with Yilin :) 
 Let me side track a little. I REALLY REALLY LOVE the whole design concept of River valley high school. It gave me a very " high school musical " kind of feel and everything in the school makes me think of my secondary school days ): 
 While the students were making the formation!!! Let me sidetrack a bit again, I LOVE THE GREEN FIELDS AT RV!!! It's the perfect place for one to stargaze as it's made of fake grass (No insects and other scary stuff).
 More selfies with Yilin while the students were completing the formations!
 Not gonna waste any chance taking photos with the athletes :) 
 Next was the group formation with the athletes and we were invited to be part of it !!! Too bad I do not have any photos of the formation with me but I think it's gonna turn out great!
 Some selfies with my frienagers :D 
 And we were almost done with the day!!! The rounding up of the formation was a really fun process! Next up, we got the opportunity to see the matches between the basketballers and the students of RV.
BUT before that, Yilin and I took some photos with the Team Singapore Mat. #notgonnawasteanytimetakingphotoswhentheopportunityistherehahahahaha
 While the coordinators were clearing the field. I took this photo hahaha. 
 It totally reminds me of the scene in toy story 
Don't you think so too? HAHAHA 
After which, the students of RV got a chance to exercise and have fun with the athletes. I took a video of me jumping over the hurdles... but it's all gone now since my Iphone5S was stolen... SIGH. So... make do with this okay? HAHAH
We proceeded to the basketball court to join the rest and support the RV students as they were taking turns having their match with the national basketballers.
The turnout was AMAZING. The support and cheers from the girls was something I never got to experience nor see before... maybe cause I was from a neighbourhood school. Nontheless, I had fun watching the entire match !
The immense support these girls have for the basketballers were amazing!! I hope that everyone will show the same amount of support to Team Sg too!
The national athletes were giants if you compare them to the RV students hahaha. 
I used to play basketball in my teens and this RV student possesses amazing posture!! Posture is something important you need to perfect in order to score and yep, this guy scored one of the team. 
With Yilin again :) 
In overall, I was pretty touched by the immense support these students has for their sports team and the national athletes. It was something I never got to saw nor experience during my secondary school years and I'm really happy to be given this opportunity to experience this for myself. After the basketball session ended. We proceeded for a tea time session with the RV students. Took a couple of photos with the students who recognized me! :D
And that pretty much summed up my day at River Valley!!

 I hope that i'll be given an opportunity to interact with the athletes again as I had a really fun time that day!

TEAM SG, Do know that Tylerhikaru will be supporting you *takes out pompom and starts cheering haha* I hope that all you readers out there will show our national team some support too! I think that the national team will actually be really happy if they know that the whole nation is behind them when they're representing us and of course they'll do better la! Who wouldn't do better with cheers behind their backs :)

I really learnt a lot from this bonding session and enjoyed so much! The athletes will be competing in the upcoming Southeast Asian Games and ASEAN Para Games in Dec 13 and Jan 14, so don’t forget to show your support to our fellow athletes! Remember to visit www.ourteamsg.com to win a trip to catch the athletes LIVE at the SEA Games in Myanmar! I’ve checked it out and come on, let’s show some love to our fellow Singaporeans! National pride :)

 Before I end, here’s some videos featuring them!! Do check it out, it won’t take too much time!

 Team Singapore Para Athletes, Yip Pin Xiu and Nurulasyiqah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQ2wMFGadC8 Team Singapore 100m Men’s Relay Team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz_ClhRhL-E Team Singapore Swimmer, Joseph Schooling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLpk9HVOBSo Team Singapore Paddlers, Isabelle, Clarence and Xuejie : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGv8EPZ7WWw

Thank you Gushcloud and Singapore Sports Council for this amazing opportunity!!! :))

Now before you actually leave, here’s a little photo pledge you can do to show your support to our team SG! Just upload a picture of yourself wearing a touch of red, hashtag #ourteamsg on instagram and win that trip I mentioned earlier! Check out the people who have done their pledges! (from www.ourteamsg.com)

Try finding mine if you can! 
Look! It’s my post on www.ourteamsg.com! Don’t forget to do your photo pledge today and show them your support because together we are stronger!  

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