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Was invited for a food tasting session with the other gushers at Peperoni Pizzeria on the 8th of October. YES, IT'S BEEN MORE THAN A MONTH AND I'VE YET TO BLOG ABOUT IT #guilty. You'll be seeing more posts like this though... hahah

Okay back to the Peperoni. As a food lover, good food cheers me up and it definitely made my day better having a scrumptious meal at Peperoni Pizzeria with the gushers after a hard day of work!

In case you're wondering where it's located at~

Peperoni Pizzeria
Suntec, 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-130
 Let's have pretty Eunice to start off my blogpost heh
 Here's a selfie of me too. Kid me not, I was really REALLY tired that day as I had a hard day at work and I had to rush down immediately after work to meet the other gushers (thus explains why I'm looking like this lol).  In case you're wondering, the white stain on my lips is from my lychee drink x)

After making our orders, our Calamari Rings arrived!!! Personally, I think that Peperoni Pizzeria has one of the best Calamari Rings in Singapore. It's crispy on the outside, tender on the insides and if you pair it with their special sauce... OMGGGG AHHAHA. Shiok max.

Next up was the Funghi Portobello con Pollo! What a long name for a mushroom dish hahaha. I'm a big fan of mushrooms (I love them i love them i LOVE them!) so this is one of the best mushroom dish I've ever tried. I was pretty skeptical when Chevonne told me that this dish is actually one of their signature dishes as it didn't smell that good. But when I put a mouthful of it into my mouth....  I FELT LIKE MY TASTEBUDS WERE BURSTING! I'm definitely having this again when I have the chance to do so!
 I guess it's a blogger's custom to always be on their phone lol. You know, to be consistently twitting and interacting with their followers~

Next up was this half-half pizza! It basically has seafood on one half of the pizza and lak-chiong bits on the other. It was pretty good !! The pizza was really soft and the scallops made the whole dish *slurps* yummy.

A monster arrived after the half-half pizza. The star of the entire restaurant - THE XXL PIZZA ! It's so freaking ginormous it actually took up almost 1/2 of the whole table!!! We were really shocked at how big it was and couldn't wait to start munching on it :)
A photo with the gushers present that day :)
 The gentlemanly me *cough* helping the rest to slice the pizza!

Next up was the Alle Vongole. I'm a big big fan of Vongoles and this dish HIT THE SPOT. It tastes so flavorful and the white wine wasn't overwhelming at all ! Initially, I ordered one of this for us to share but IT WASN'T ENOUGH. It was way too good to just have one serving so I ordered another 2 more! Greedy pig is me hahaha


 And we ended our food tasting session with a plate of Tiramisu Cake! I'm not a tiramisu lover but I gave it a try. It was not that bad... I guess? HAHAH

And after dinner, it's time to start camwhoring :) 
 This picture of JH made me LOL. HAHAHHA 

Aside of Peperoni Pizzeria, Chevvy got us Macaroons from Canele!!
Presenting to you, the new macaroon flavors from Canele!!!
 Look at how happy eunice is as she start nibbling on em sweet treats x)

And that's the end of this post hahaha!

I've to really thank Chevvy for arranging this food tasting session with the Les Amis group for us!! I'm expecting more good food from you Chevvy! HAHAHA.

Oh and before I forgot, I would like to thank you guys for your mass support for my TMS finals voting phase. Though I'm still losing out in certain categories, I hope that i'll be able to do you guys proud during the finals and at least bag home some prizes.

If you've yet to vote for me, you can still do so at this url -> .

Till then, tata~

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