2nd Birthday Dinner @ Melben Seafood

Had my second birthday celebration with one of my cliques at Melben Seafood (AMK branch). Normally, it would take us an hour or so to queue for the seats there at Melben. Luckily (maybe not), I was late ... so I was glad that my friends were there to actually queue for me that day HAHAHA. No choice, I'm the birthday boy that day so I'M THE KINGZ!

Here's shela saying hello *shakes head* HAHAHA
The amazing people who turned up for my second birthday dinner :D 
I had a terrible ulcer that day, which made me look like I got punched in the mouth ):  LOOK AT HOW SWOLLEN MY LIPS WERE
Regardless of the pain, i'll still force a smile out when it comes to selfies :) 
Though I look like i'm pout-smiling throughout all the photos lol 

I'm sure the crabs at Melben needs no introduction by it's own as Melben Seafood Restaurant has been really famous throughout the years (they've opened their second branch at TPY recently too).

Before we were guided to our seats, we were allowed to choose the size, gender and cooking method for our crabs. We had 6 crabs in total to share that day, all in different flavors!

Crab #1: Salted Egg Crab
I have to be very frank, it was my first time trying out such a DRY crab. Yes, I know that the cooking method for this crab is to stir fry it with salted egg and let it simmer for a while before serving it.

Salted Egg dishes has always been my favourites and sad to say, this wasn't one of them. The crab was WAYY too dry and the meat was all stuck to the shell *minus points*
Crab #2: Creamy Butter Crab
The creamy butter crab has got to be one of the best crabs I've ever tasted in Singapore. It's not only fragrant, but the meat was really tender and the creamy broth was smooth, sweet and tasty at the same time :D You guys must definitely give this crab a try!
What do instagrammers do when the food arrives? PHOTO TAKING TIME. Look at the phones around the table lolol.
The mantous were served next, let's guess what the next dish is. .. 
Hahahah yup! It's Chili Crab ! It tastes pretty so so though. I prefer the one at Owen seafood!
My friends went on a photo taking frenzy again 
Let the hunger games begin!
Last but not least, it's their Crab Bee Hoon !!!
I personally LOVE this dish as the taste of the soup wasn't overwhelming and the taste of the glass noodles blended perfectly with the crabs. Yumssss
We went trigger happy with the camera after dinner. Here's my friends having their smoke break while...
I take selfie with Cynthia! HAHAHA.!!! I kinda like this pic though it's pretty blur lol . It's been ages since I've last seen her lor T_T 
With Cynthia and Casper
With Joanna dear <3
+Shela :D 
+ Fabina
While we were busy taking photos near the smoking area, Chloe and Kife were busy chit chatting.Fans of kife, look at your dear kife's facial expressions in this picture... LOL 
A picture of them :D 
Kife's peace sign really need to maintain LOL 
Time for a group photo! Let's start off with the candid ones...
Shela's face really last warning HAHHA
We shifted inside but it's still the same. I give up HAHAHA 
We split up into two and cabbed to Lot One to catch THORafterwards. 

It was a pretty good movie (which left us hanging as usual zzz lol).  We went to play LAN for an hour or so and chilled at Mac donalds afterwards.
We started playing reversi, tap zombie and more to challenge one another at Mac donalds. My friends are always sooooo freaking noisy hahaha and I'm sure that a lot of the people around us were actually judging us lor. 
And a final group photo before we parted ways :) 

I hope you guys are enjoying my series of updates so far :) Will be back for another post tmr!

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