Halloween 2013 Part 2 (Mookata x Halloween Party)

It's been a long time since I've last had the time to sit down and do up a proper post. But hey!! At least I managed to blog at least once a week. Hahaha. 

Okay okay let's be serious a bit.. 

Since Christmas is coming and I've a whole lot of folders with pictures in it to be uploaded. I thought that I would be good for me to do a " 15 days of Christmas " thingy whereby I'll be blogging everyday for 15 days before Christmas.... Which will be starting on the 10th of December!~

WAHHH, I don't even have time to do my other work and yet I'll be forcing myself to sit down and blog hahaha. Got gan dong (touched) not.

But yeah, I hope you guys will have a Merry Christmas holidays and I hope my post will be able to entertain, and bring more joy into your life hehe. 


Had Mookata at Golden Mile with my favourite people before the halloween party on the 26th of October (YES I'M BACKTRACKING ALL THE OCTOBER PICS HAHAHA).

It was my pre-birthday celebration and also a time for me to have some leisure time with my friends. I've been neglecting them ever since my interns starting T_T

The Mookata at Golden Mile has always been pretty special to me. I've had it with many special people in the past (even spent my valentines day there) and I wanted to make it even more special by celebrating my pre-birthday feast x gathering there with my friends.

I've always LOVED the pork there ever since I started trying it 2 years back. The soup was fragrant and everything was a perfect match.

Sad to say, the Mookata at Golden Mile has its standards dropped ever since they stopped using charcoal for their steamboat. Though it may not taste as good as the ones I've had in the past, I still love the pork there ;)

Placing the famous pork fats oil before the bbq-ing begins :) 
I'm starting to feel hungry as I'm typing this out :\ THE PORK!!!!!!!
It tastes even better when it chao tah. 
Some of them had to leave early but some came to join us halfway through. Look at eleanor who's sitting at a corner alone HAHHAAH 
And here's me! In case you're missing me HAHHA. 
I LOVE THIS GIRL SO SO SO SO MUCH. Though we may not meet up very often, I really enjoyed my time spent with her X) 

After dinner, we left Golden Mile for Bugis. We went to join the rest at Shela's place to prepare our Halloween costumes.

While we were at one of the malls camwhoring. 
The fabulous one has arrived  (behind) LOL

Arrived at Shela's place and was greeted by Rainbow hahaha 
It was pretty interesting looking at how my friends are prepping themselves for Halloween. Say hello to melvin and sam, the zombies (?) hahaha 
Rainbow and his prop
I didn't prep that early as my outfit was a mere pikachu onesie! Some selfies before we continue ;)
Weijian in his tattered dead zombie look. Without makeup yet :\
Shela prepping her cyborg Marilyn Monroe look
KC didn't had a costume for that day... so i decided to draw on his face HAHHAA. 
Okay lah at least I look professional HAHAHA 
My only makeup was this black spot on my nose lolol
And with my outfit on :D
More photos of the costumes and prep
Mel's completed zombie look
KC's almost completed look AHAHA 
A pic with KC who's trying to hold in his laughter HAHAHAH.
And finally a group photo :D 
En route to the party :D Wilson looks damn scary can hahaha . ( I think that the taxi driver was mentally screaming secretly lol)
And the rest are just photos of other people's outfit! Enjoy :) 
With Fabin 
Andrew opened a bottle of Moskato for me (cause it's my pre-birthday celebration too lol). Thank you drewdrew.

Spency and his faded makeup. 
Creepy kc...
This looks even better HAHAHA. We made a meme out of this. (kua simi kua)

Some feeling feeling photos before we went on with the party ;)
With my frienager Sheena and her onsie clique :D
And that's the end of my post for this year's Halloween Celebration :D Will be blogging more next week (10th December) so PLEASEEE CME BACK FOR MORE HAHA


I'll be having a booth for the upcoming Shop&Swap Flea market with the gushers at Jcube this Saturday! Don't forget to come alright :)

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