My 20th Birthday!!!

Today marks the start of my 15 days of regular blog posts (hopefully i'll have enough things to talk about LOL).
I had a humble birthday celebration with my family this year. Knowing that I would be celebrating it with my family, these 2 guys turned up at my house with a cake to surprise and celebrate my birthday with me before the clock strikes 12!!! Thank you fabin and andrew :D
Don't mind me, I'm dressed in home clothes haha!

Cheese Cake
Tiramisu cake. Both from TCC :) 
The next day, I celebrated my birthday with my family at home. Whenever we had a celebration at home, these two ladies (my mum and maid) would prepare from morning to night for the dinner. Thank you so much for your hard work mummy <3
Dish after dish start appearing on the table.
My bedroom became a nursery on that day lol . 
Had a steamboat dinner with my cousins afterwards :) 
Left to right:
Anqi, Xinrui and Me ;) 
Time to dine in!!! HUAT AH 
Headed to NTUC with my cousins to get some snacks and sweet stuff afterwards :D
And it was the cake cutting session afterwards! I've to thank my cousins for the photos ;) 
Look at how happy and cheery my mum is as she sings the birthday song HAHAHA!!!
Family photo :) 
With my grandparents! :) 

Mixed berries ice cream cake from Swensons :D Weee 
And a photo with my mum and maid 
I made a relatively long wish this year !!!
(to the point that my relatives were actually teasing me). 
One last group photo with le cousins (and le aunt who's hiding at the back)
Had supper with my mum once half of the crowd left x) She peeled the prawns for me to eat, so sweet rightttt
With my "sis"

And that pretty much concluded my birthday celebration that day!!!

I had a pretty good birthday celebration this year. Nothing big but it's small yet heart warming at the same time; to be able to celebrate such good memories with your families and loved ones.

I'll be blogging about my second birthday with my friends on tomorrow's post.


I want to thank this anonymous... who have been sending me fan gifts and letters every month to cheer me up and make me happy. Whoever you are, please know that I'm really really grateful and I LOVE your pikachu birthday card <333

Feeling blessed :3


  1. Happy 20th Birthday TYLER! :D More to come and i wish you all the best, i wish you joy and happiness, have a great year! :D and keep blogging :D your'e my inspiration in that :D

  2. You have a maid? Nice! Happy 20th Tyler (I'm a little late, I know)! Love and Kisses from the US! <3 :*
    - Broderick from Ohio, United States