Sakae with F.A


I almost forget to clear this batch of photos which were taken during october LOL. 

Frankly speaking, I don't think that I can clear the remaining posts for the year 2013 but I'll try my best okay? Hahaha!

Okay okay, back to the topic of the blogpost.

Had Sakae with Fabin and Andrew two months back.

First selfie taken with my new iphones 5S (which got stolen later during Halloween lol) 
I'm feeling too tired to think of words to say so...

I think this post shall be a picture post instead... LOL 
Chawanmushiiiiiiiiii *yums*
My all time favourite! Shrimp mentai :D

Headed to the arcade afterwards to play a couple of games!
Fabin's an asshole for taking such unglam shots of me. TSK
Dinner at 302
If i'm right, this is BY FAR, the MOST effortless blogpost I've ever done this year HAHAHA

But I'm not gonna apologize! I know you're reading my blog cause you're bored so THANK ME for killing some of your time! HAHAHA .


Hahahaha okay i'm just kidding. I'm do up a proper blogpost probably this weekend :D

DO check back often!

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