TMS Finals Photoshoot x Prep

 Hello guys :D


I know I've not been updating my blog everyday as promised but i'm trying my best already T_T  I come home everyday at 7PM and it's taking me a whole lot of discipline to sit down in front of the computer and start typing things out. Blogging is definitely one of the things I enjoy doing but there are other things that I can do instead of blogging during my spare time lor (hint: DOTA hehe).

BUT AIYAAA, at least I'm still blogging quite regularly right? Hehe

OKAY SO SECONDLY, I wanna blog about my Teens Model Search Journey (Finals photoshoot x Prep).

It has been an amazing journey and I'm already missing most of my close friends there ><

So yup, let's go and read on!!

The organizers of TMS organized a photoshoot for us 15th of November so that we can have chio photos to be displayed on the big ass screen during the finals!! The theme was Monochrome and as you all know, I hate to be ONE with the crowd... So instead of dressing up formally like the rest, I decided to go with a much more casual-street wear. What do you think :O

One weird angle shot before I left :D
 Drove to the photoshoot venue at some ulu place and was greeted by this adorable " Fiona "  from shrek (look at the hairclips lol)
 Fiona says "NOOOOO"
 The rest of the contestants who had the same slot as me :D
 The photoshoot venue. 
 Photos with the contestants! I'm loving the lighting there ahaha :D I look as though I've flawless skin! OH AND POOF, MY HAIR IS UP NOW HAHA
 With Crystal :)
 Still waiting for my turn to be shot :D
 More photos taken with Crystal :D (Fyi, she's my 10 seconds dance partner for the finals lolol)
 And it's finally my turn for the makeup :D
 Would hurt to take a couple more selfies before I remove the makeup when I'm home lor haha 
 And more photos with the fully prepped finalists :D
 Finally... IT'S MY TURN. YAY 
 Act yige before the shoot officially starts hahaa 
 I was told to pose like the pic below by the organizer hahah. Got the supermodel feel not? HAHAHA 
 Sooo yup, that's about it for the photoshoot hahah

We went for dinner at a shopping centre near the photoshoot venue afterwards :) 
 Where I had one of the best fish soup bee hoon EVERRRR
 Sadly... I forgot what's the shopping mall called LOL. But seriously, this is the best fish soup bee hoon I've ever had.
 The busy finalists 

I headed over to have supper with my friends afterwards :) 

Yay it's KC!
 The rest were drinking at the market while waiting for the rest to arrive.

LOOK at KC's epic face below hahaha .
A couple more photos taken with my awesome besties :D

Surprisingly, I was able to wake up early the next day for the TMS dance rehearsal~

Ain't gonna talk much about the dance rehearsal and I shall let the pictures do the talking :D
 With Nov <3

And that pretty much sumed up my TMS finals photoshoot x prep journey :D

Will be blogging two more posts about the TMS finals. The first post will be a video of our dance rehearsals!

Do keep coming back ok? :D


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