3 peas in a pod

Caught 3 peas in a pod 2 months back (November 2013) with a couple of my friends at West mall. It was a rather impromptu decision to catch 3P there but I had a whole lot of fun with them :D If you've yet to catch the movie, do watch it online or something as it's a really good movie with a creative twist at the end!

After the movie.... 

Warning: Whole lot of selfies.

Some ugly shots of keefee taken by spencer HAHAHA. Shall post the rather decent ones of him HAHA
COMPLEXION SO FLAWLESS WALAO. (ok wait maybe it's my camera's magic skin mode). 

Candid photos of myself.


And we played LAN afterwards at lot 2 before heading back.


As my internship is coming to an end soon (in like, another 2weeks+), I think about the hardships that I've gone through throughout the entire internship process.

People may think " It's just an internship what, what's the big deal. Got so jialat meh, or are you just weak and spoilt? " .

Fact is, it isn't easy. I will talk about my internship process once I've done with it (otherwise my grades may be affected if they saw this post before I've completed my internship lol). There's seriously a whole lot backstabbing, rumour spreading and all the different office politics at this wholesale market I'm posted to. Then again, though it was freaking miserable, I'm rather thankful to not be there in that hell hole anymore and I've actually learnt a whole LOT out of that ordeal!!

Well, I'll talk about that more in a few weeks time, hopefully I'll be able to have more time to take more photos regularly again. I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY INTERNSHIPS TO END!!!!

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