Breaking Up

" I don't want to be together anymore, we're just not working out " -These are the words that came out from the mouth of the person who wants to break up.

In our life, we're bound to meet some unhealthy relationships - The both of you fought all the time, you were both immature in one way or another, and the actions of your partner made you so mad sometimes you'll feel like strangling them (or simply throwing the pillow at them).

You want to be single. No one know what you can find out there, or who was waiting for you. How do you even know if everything you're going through is considered true love?

On a certain level, you know and accept the things you're going through. You realize that you're not really a better person, or someone who felt good when you were together. You let people down, you let your friends down, you start disappointing people that revolve around your life.... you start letting yourself down.

How do you know if a relationship is a good one? Well, in my eyes it must be someone who can make you into a better person, make you learn how to cherish the things around you. Someone who enjoys spending time doing nothing with you. Someone who makes you cherish your family, friends, love and most importantly, yourself. Why love others when you can't even love yourself?

And if things aren't like what I've stated above, I see it as a doomed relationship. 

But what if, it wasn't a doomed relationship?

From time to time, you can't stop feeling that constant emptiness from their absence. You've been walking around with a strange pressure in your chest. You start to think about them every once in a while, check their social media pages and even when you're listening to songs, the lyrics remind you of them. You'll start thinking about the things and reasons of why you broke up with them in the first place.
However, you'll start to forget those bad memories and it'll be replaced with the bitter sweet ones. The days you laid in bed at night with them and remember the days you snuggled with them up on bed. Remember the times the two of you watch tv together or even anime and ridiculous dramas.
You remember the days where you drove them home and the days you were there for them when they needed you. The memories start flushing back endlessly and all you could do was to think about it.
What would you do? If you were in this scenario? - Breaking up with someone and thinking about the memories that you've been through together.
People break up all the time, it's normal to be sad I guess. Perhaps it is also normal to start feeling lonely but after a while ... the loneliness will be gone and you start finding out more about yourself. 
But at the same time, are you really happy?

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