Dos and Don’ts for Guys on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a yearly event where it can either be one of the most romantic day of the year, or yet another normal day. Whether you're a V-day kind of guy or someone who doesn't really care (like me), read on for some tips to avoid some of the biggest turn-offs when it comes Valentine's day.

1) Never come up with unrealistic expectations.

While your partner wants to be pampered, make sure you understand that her life is also filled with many demands such as work, family, school and more. Make sure you come up with a realistic plan and not some imaginary dream-date that's hard to achieve.

2) NEVER forget.

NEVER ever forget about your plans on valentines day.

3) Don't buy anything that's practical

Valentine's day is supposed to be slightly extravagant. NEVER get your partner vouchers, kitchen appliances and stuff like that. Get your partner something that she likes... maybe the latest Victoria's Secret scent?

4) Lingerie

Believe it or not, though many people would think that getting lingerie for your partner would be a good idea, it isn't! It is one of the most dangerous gifts to gift during Valentine's day. Reason #1, you may get the wrong size; get one size too big and she'll think that you're hinting that she's fat, get one size too small and she'll think that you want her to go on a diet. Reason #2, when giving a lingerie, most of us have one thought in mind... and that thought may well, cause you to ruin your date. So be a lil' more creative?

5) Overspending

Make sure that the amount that you're spending isn't really extravagant, so keep things within your budget and have the best night you can afford. Don't think too much! Just go with the flow~

6) EX'es are a NO NO.

Talking about an ex is definitely one of the worst and easiest way to ruin a Valentine's Day date.

7) Valentine's Day Card

Lazy guys like me would probably just head to the nearest popular store and get a card there during Valentine's day. I did that last year and guess what, it didn't impress my partner at all! Be a little creative and perhaps write down any other positive feelings you have for that person, personalize that card, write more stuff and spend more time on it.

Now that we're done with the Don'ts, what about the Dos? Read on!

1) Cooking

This is something easy to help show your partner that you actually care. Prepare breakfast in bed, or prepare a romantic candle light dinner for the both of you. Why spend an hour queuing up for a seat in the restaurant when you can enjoy the luxurious and private space you have at home?

2) Romance

Romance romance romance. Go the extra mile and try to be as romantic as you can today. Dress up well, leave a note, do something sweet.

3) Massage

Offer her a full body massage - One of the more personalized gifts that can help her relax and feel good

4) Turn off your electronics

Stop checking your phone and concentrate on your date!

5) Relax.

It may be hard but trust me... RELAX! All the days of planning for everything to work, it is important not to overdo it or over think. Things will go well for you if you believe it will. :)

Hope these tips will help you with your date during Valentine's Day.

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