I'm back!!

Hello everyone!!!

GAHHH it's been a while since I've last updated! I've been really busy clearing my remaining work and I'm proud to say... I'VE SURVIVED MY INTERNSHIPS.

This 6 months journey has really taught me a whole lot in different aspects and has led me to view life in different way. Well, I'll talk about that in another day as I've to start clearing all my overdue-d posts!! (I've only updated my blog thrice for the month of jan -.- how terrible is that).


TMS Finals (Rehearsals/Actual Day)

Since this post has been highly anticipated, I thought that I would do up this post first :)

Headed to the GC office for our monthly GC weekends :) OOTD for that day includes a Cocaine Chanel top, Chrome Hearts sweat pants and Puma high cuts!

I was there early with my +1 that day... practically nothing much to do so I started taking some photos with the people there
 Caught taking photos LOL.
 My +1 , Crystal :D
 Joanna dear :D
 Cute not! Hahaha

She has recently launched her own online store with a couple of other friends. Do support http://www.xx-vogue.com for a wide range of pretty female apparels! :) 
 One last photo before I left for Bugis+ for our finals rehearsals.

We got to see first hand of the stage for the finals (the next day). It looks really big huh (no it's not, it was super cramp and you'll understand what i mean later hahaha).

Started practicing with our dance routine first.. 
 We practiced all the way to 2am that day. A few hours was spent on the dance training, cat walk sequence and more. Gahhh, what a tiring day.

Reported early the next day at Bugis+ with the TMS family in white
 Unflattering photo of me HAHAHA. Stupid shadow.

Backstage preparation photos..

 I look like a blur little boy in this picture HAHAHA. HI my name is tyler what's yours?
 In case you're wondering ,those weren't our magazine photoshoot photos haha. It's just a photo guide of what we're supposed to wear on the finals, thus no hair & makeup and the other preparatory works.

Passed the camera to my bffs before the event started. So from now on, you'll be seeing things from their POV.

And it begins!
The judges for that day!!! One of them looks like IU :\

The rest of the event is actually video clips of the event itself (like my catwalk, dance segment etc). I DON'T think i'll be uploading it cause i'm feeling really nua now. Maybe i'll do it sometime in the future if i feel like it hahaha .

Prize giving ceremony :D
 Chilled with the people who came down to support me before heading to swee choon for late dinner. 
 Look at my tired and FAKE brown eyes hahaha 
 For those who've came down but are not in the photos, thank you soooo much for coming down to support me in this eventful and memorable day :')

More photos

Swee choon :DDD

And that pretty much summed up my TMS journey :)

I'll be blogging more often in the later half of the month.

For now... i'll need to rush off to complete my report for my internship -_-


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