Spencer's 21st

2 months back, I was at my friend's place to celebrate his 21st!!! YESSS, I know this post is long overdue but please bear with me as i'm 90% done clearing the photos from 2013!! hahha  
So yeah, being the awesome king I am, I decided to arrive late that day HAHAHAHA but luckily, I'm not the latest to appear that day. Photos taken with le buddies who were there early.
My friend's family had a tradition, in which they would celebrate their 21st at home instead of the usual chalet, yacht, hotel suites and etc.. So he called up and requested for a buffet from this catering service company. 
 Sadly, the food tastes reaaaaal bad. But okay lah! I'm not gonna complain as I'm not the one who called for the food lol. 
 Went out to take photos with le buddies afterwards. Not the full assembly thou!
We headed back for a drinking session afterwards. This boy even had a beer tower at his home -_-
And after a while, it was the cake cutting session! Spencer ordered this really huge minion rainbow cake from his colleague who's a baker. The cake looks really good and delicious right? :\ 
Group photo :D
 Happy 21st Birthday Spencer (2months later... LOL). For those who don't know, he's a really close friend of mine who's almost like a brother to me! Even my mum has called him her "godson" lolol.
 The poor pinoy is sliced in half :p
Headed back to the room to take more photos afterwards :) Enjoy!

Kc's posture really last warning #drunk #queens LOLOL. 

Now that I think about it... If I blog too regularly now, I wouldn't have enough photos to actually blog about...


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