Hello everyone!!!

I'm here to blog after clearing a whole lot of drafts and other school work!!

It's been a really really busy week even though my internship has finally ended.

You're probably wondering why this post is named after me. Well, I've finally managed to spare time and figure out some coding html stuff which are related to my blog.

You see, since last year, I've no idea why I was unable to access my google admin panel and this is a serious issue as I will need to access it to make payment for my domain (www.tylerhikaru.com). In case you're wondering, yes i'm paying for my own domain. If my domain isn't renewed, my domain (www.tylerhikaru.com) will no longer be mine and this has been a serious problem as I won't be able to get it back after that (i've received lots of emails from overseas companies willing to buy over my domain so if i lose it, i may lose it forever :\ )

So yup, I managed to renew my contract. YAY!

Secondly, I managed to get back www.tylerhikaru.blogspot.com / sg !!!!

I've actually lost that domain for a good 2years+ due to some coding problems and it has been affecting my statistics and more ever since. Now that it's back, you can finally visit www.tylerhikaru.blogspot.com and be redirected to www.tylerhikaru.com :D  However, the old posts from that site has been blocked out by me ... too bad for those new readers lolol.

Perhaps all this domain talk is rather boring for you but for me, it's actually a breather; I can finally stop worrying about my blog domain and start improving on the site itself :)

I'll FINALLY be updating my portfolio in time to come !!! I can't wait!

Okay, I shall go back to clearing photos from 2013!

World Aids Day 2013
The selected Gushcloud bloggers and I were invited for dinner at Over easy to celebrate World Aids Day 2013. I didn't take much photo that day due to the dark lighting in the restaurant itself. But in overall, it was a pleasant dinner with the gushers :)
 They never fail to make me smile and laugh with their antics, especially le sis Eunice! (http://euniceannabel.blogspot.sg/).

The rest will be visuals :)

Thinking back... my hair during that period of time is really .... bad. HAHAHA

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