Doraemon New Movie 2014: 'Stand By Me' To Mark End Of Franchise

The official website for "Stand By Me Doraemon", the first 3D CG film starring the famous robot cat (yes, he's a cat) Doraemon, uploaded a new teaser trailer on Youtube. The narrator states that this is going to be, "Doraemon's first and final story." 

Doraemon tells Nobita, "I can't stay here anymore." The tagline at the end of the video reads, "To everyone who has experienced childhood."

From the video, the movie will probably focus on how Nobita will deal with the things around him after Doraemon leaves. Perhaps it would be something similar Toy Story 3 where it shows how we manage to deal with reality and leave our child hood life behind, as we grow up. 
The film will open in the Japanese theaters on August 8. So hopefully we can expect the movie to be at Singapore by the end of the year? 

Since this movie marks the end of the whole Doraemon franchise, I'm kinda sad yet at the same time anticipating the official release of the movie. Are you?

Here's an example of the 3D rendition of Doraemon. Though I'm pretty much used to the 2D anime graphics, the 3D concept is actually really pretty too! :|  Soo, enjoy~

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