It's okay to be Single.

Being single may be a difficult thing for many people. Sometimes we reach a point in our life when we feel like we've no one but ourselves. It may affect you emotionally, physically or even mentally. But if you think about it, being alone =/= being lonely. 

It's healthy to be single! It's healthy to even be alone! Cause it's always healthy to spend some time alone. You just need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person and that is why, give no care or concerns about what others have to say.

Here are some of the reasons why I think it is okay to be alone.

Self discovery
Since you are in charge of how you're living your life, you have no one to tell you who you should or should not be. This is the perfect opportunity to discover who you truly are. Not only is the journey going to be exciting, but you are also closer to becoming the person you truly are. The more you become the person you are, the more you realize that you aren't just another "person" /drone of other people or what they think of you. You are not what everyone WANTS  you to be. You are an individual, a unique one in fact. So be the best you with no excuses, explanations or apologies. This is your life, your journey.

When you are alone, it can be a little terrifying at times... but if you think about it, it is actually quite liberating! There is no one to tell you what to do and everything is like the ball in your court - Your moves, your decision. You are in charge of your own decisions and no one can make you do something you do not wish to do. 

Your potential
Since there is no one to tell you what to do, there will also not be anyone to tell you what you cannot do. This gives you an opportunity to focus on yourself and discover your true potential. You realize that you can achieve more thing now and this is what you should be doing! Never feel sorry for moving onwards. 

When you realize what you can achieve, you can push yourself forward. If you fail, all you have to do is continue moving forward with no one to hold you back. You can chase your life, your happiness and you can definitely do it alone. This is where you'll build your self-confidence

Remember your true friends
Never forget those who were there for you whenever you need them. WAIT, i'm not talking about the organic things that are around us but the inorganic ones :) I'm talking about our animated games, tv shows, movies, hobbies and etc. You are happy to spend time with them and one thing fo sure- they do not judge you for who you are or what you are. They will never grow tired of you nor leave you so you can always count on them. Escape into the gaming world reality if you like, and you'll soon realize that you are never truly alone. 

Love yourself
Cause if you don't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else? You will always be there for you and you will definitely be your own best listener and confidante. You are your own best friend, your family. The more time you spend with yourself, the more you can start focusing on yourself. 

Being single doesn't equate to the end of the world. You will find new friends, you will fall in love again. YOu will hurt again and people will continue to let you down. But always remember - This is okay, and it is also normal! All these will make you become a stronger and well rounded individual. Start discovering who you are and what you can do cause it'll help you realize the value in the little things around you and make you realize that you are the most important thing of all..

LASTLY, remember.. 

You will never be alone forever, you are simply alone right now, and