Owen Seafood Restaurant

I went to Owen Seafood a couple of months back with my family for a feast to celebrate my birthday. My family enjoys dining at the Turf City area as the parking there is really convenient, free and the food there tastes really good too!!

Among the different branches of seafood restaurants available there, our favourite has always been Owen Seafood. 

They've a variety of live seafood there for your choosing! The ordering method is simple, just choose your own seafood from their allocated tanks and decide on the cooking style. There's endless varieties available there so you need not worry if you're afraid of the same taste every time you're there!

With Feli :)

Endless tanks of seafood!
 This tank of overcrowded frogs are kinda scary
 Not sure why my mum looks like that...

After choosing our desired seafood dishes for the day, we headed back into the restaurant and waited for our food to be served !
Drunken Prawns. The broth is one of the best I've ever tasted so far. 
 Bamboo Clams in XO Sauce!! Another yummy dish :p
 Filled with lots of fried shallots and garlic!
 Steamed fish. For those who do not know, the meat on the fish's cheeks is one of the softest and more yummy areas!
 Brocolli with Scallops
 One of their more famous dish - Sambal Lala! DAMN YUMSS

And that was pretty much what we had that day. As usual, the food was impressively yummy and not only that, affordable!!

If you're gonna head down there for your meals, make sure to check their available promotions!! From what I remember, their seafood are 50% off on tuesdays (or is it wednesday .. )

Took a couple of OOTD shots/Family photo before leaving for a shopping spree at GIANT!

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