Some time back, I went to The Cathay to catch the gala premier of Saving Mr Banks with the fellow gushers and my fav eleanor. I remember looking terrible that day as my face is going through the " dry season " and basically starts peeling and stuff. Even my lips were kinda swollen due to the dryness! UGH.

Nonetheless, I managed to catch the awesome movie " Saving Mr Banks " with thanks to Gushcloud x Disney for the tickets! I had a really great time watching the movie as it not only funny but it was a movie with depth and has an unexpected twist! Definitely touching to the soul so do watch it if you've yet to do so!

Some of he visuals which were taken that day..

After the movie, Eleanor and I decided to head to the nearest Sheng Siong available near town (lil india) for some snacks-shopping!
I've never done shopping with a close friend before so it's a rather fun experience :p we were basically grabbing everything that looks nice off the shelfs and into our baskets!

It's actually been some time since I've last been to Sheng Siong. The different variety of snacks available there kinda amazed me! THERE'S ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU NEED THERE. We had a really hard time choosing which snacks to buy and try as they all look too freaking good
Eleanor's having trouble deciding which to get :p
and we decided to grab both of it LOL. 
A photo of us before we continue ;D
Moreeeee junk hahaha. THERE'S A NEW TIC TAC FLAVOUR!!! It's been ages since I've last had a tick tac... maybe 12years? LOL 
There's even different types of Chocolate Pocky available there. On the left, an ordinary packet of pocky and on the right, it's the Pocky x Line korean pocky. The only difference that caught my attention? The price difference (the line pocky was $2.80 more expensive -_-)
Whatever your heart desires, they have it here :p How I wish that I actually own an outlet myself HAHAA. That way, I can host giveaways for all of you everytime, anytime!
Giant doraemon lollipops which were larger than my head @@

One thing that we found disturbing was this china brand snack. They had weird snacks like horse's tongue and others. 
They even had Fake Oreo lol
Childhood memories. Probably something memorable for all the 90's kids
We picked up way too much snacks that day, that we decided to filter our goods LOL. My car was  overfilled with snacks to carry home that day. 
Final decision making time - To buy or not to buy. HAHAHA
Eleanor's purchase!
And here's mine :D

After our shopping session at Sheng Shiong, we headed over to Boat Quay to have dinner!! Poor eleanor's having her 1 week diet session that day so I ate my fav shark fin /w crabmeat noodles alone. TOO GOOD TO MISS OUT ON LOR!
I had more time that day so we decided to spend the rest of it at east coast park... at the .... 
3levels high spider web slide!! It may not look scary but the higher you go, the more intimidating it gets. I was the daredevil to go up first that day X)
And we chilled 2 storeys high up on the net before heading back :D 

It's been some time since I've last had quality time with my friends. I REALLY NEED MORE QUALITY TIME LIKE THIS!!!!

Anyway, how have you guys been? I hope it's been good for you :)

Really grateful that you guys have been coming back to my blog regularly despite the irregular updates! I LOVE AND APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!!

I'll be sharing with you guys the things i've done recently and what's been ongoing on my life too! Hopefully everything will go well and smoothly for me!

Also, I've decided to open my collaborations for sponsorships and advertorials again!!! It's been a long time since I've last accepted one... so, If you're interested, feel free to email me at for advertorials, invitations, reviews or advertisement enquiries and we can discuss thing there! :) 

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