The Amore Holistic Package. Feeling Good Should Be This Easy

You know, ever since my internships started, I've really been neglecting my health! It's been a longgggg longgg time since I've last been to the gym!

Luckily, I managed to make some time and head down to Amore for a couple of gym sessions and I'm really grateful cause I'm able to attend the classes there (such as Zumba/Kickboxing & more) too!! Thank you Gushcloud & Amore!!

The branch I visited the other day is located at City Square Mall, which is one of the outlets which is actually open to both genders (the other outlet is located at tampines). 
Amore offers both Ladies Exclusive and Unisex gyms. For those who don't know, Amore Fitness & Boutique Spa is not only just a gym, but also a boutique spa!!! Which means that you can enjoy a relaxing full body massage after a hard day of work out at the gym! TELL ME, where can you find a massage after a work out!

A photo of the HUGE gym which was really well equipped.

Other than the usual gymming sessions, you can also take up the different fitness classes they have available on hand for you!! There are aerobics, hip hop, belly dance, power pump, kick boxing and more!!! In addition to those which I've mentioned, they've a couple of other classes which are more spiritual and relaxing such as Yoga and Pilates!!! They also offer Amore Signature Classes, which are exclusive and are choreographed specially by the founder and its instructors. My personal favourite is the FunkBiltz, which combines Hip Hop with Aerobics, where I can keep fit and workout with dance and aerobics.

I'm sooo going to work harder since it's my holidays now and hopefully be able to gain back the weight I've lost. I'll never achieve anything by being lazy so I think I'll be heading back to gym more often to achieve a lean fit body :p

Oh and for those who would like to join me, I managed to spot an interesting package which may interest some of you!!- The Amore Holistic Package!

The new Amore Holistic Package allows you to choose anything you want that Amore offers to create your very own personalised package. Amore’s services include gym, group classes, spa, personal training and more!!!

There is a trial promotion available for those who want see how it works !

2 Choices At $69
(A + B /C)

A - Which includes 4 Entries to the gym and fitness classes at ALL Amore Outlets! (utilised in 2 weeks ,worth $90)

B - A Botaroma Swedish Massage which helps to soothe all aches and achieve the ultimate relaxation with a therapeutic blend of Geranium, Sweet orange & Lavender. (45mins, worth $94.16!)

C - A Purity Facial which proves to revive the complexion! For those with oily, dehydrated or sensitive skin. (75mins, worth $90.95)

I've given their facial a go before and it's actually not bad!!! Perhaps I'll sign one of these trial packages for myself and try out the Botaroma Massage the next time!

For those of you who are interested in the other packages that Amore Fitness has to offer, don't hesitate to head to and take a look or call 6781 1822! :D


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