You don’t know what you have until it’s gone

Why do we often take for granted the very things that deserve our gratitude the most? We do this with both people and possessions. The problem is many people do not realize this until the situation has come and passed. We take things for granted on a daily basis, always with the assumption that whenever we need something, it will be there.
There are many things we fail to realize the true value of until they are missing from our lives. Think of technology, the Internet and your cell phone. You do not realize how vital your cell phone is to your life until you have to go days without it. Enjoy the little things in life because someday you will realize they were the big things.
This is a common thing once a relationship reaches its conclusion. When you become complacent with your partner, it is easy to fall into this trap. Happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting what you don’t have, rather it’s recognizing and appreciating what you do have. If someone once made you happy, there is a great chance they still will. Think about it — maybe you are bored with your familiar routine, but that doesn’t mean you should get rid of it. Don’t lose something you have for something you think you want.
When people break up, it’s common to regret it. You end the relationship because you can think you can do better, but once you’re out there in the dating world, you realize you had something amazing. Sometimes it is too little too late and you must learn from your unfortunate decision. What screws a person up is trying to live up to image they create in their minds. There is no such thing as perfect, only perfect for you.
“Appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had.”
Appreciate all the things you have in life because you never know when that time will end. Clear the clutter inside your mind and realize what you have right now. Don’t wait until you’ve lost it to finally see how much you took it for granted. Don’t wait until you realize that without it, your foundation to make it through each day begins to crumble.
More than often, what we fail to realize is that there are people out there who are more than willing to have what we have, even if it's lesser. Still, they're happier.
Too many times people don’t realize what they have because they are out there looking for something better. The problem is that when they do realize it, they will come crawling back. Everyone falls into the trap that the grass is always greener on the other side. People make mistakes, it’s part of human nature. If you really love this person it may be in both people’s best interest to give him or her another chance. Sometimes space makes people appreciate things they once had. You need to make it clear that you forgive one time, and one time only, and if this is what you truly want. Thus, the quote " once is a mistake, twice is a choice ". If a person commits the same mistakes countless times and you don't see yourself in having any point of forgiveness.. Well, you'll know what to do. 
One thing I've learnt to realize about many people, is that when you lose someone, you tend to remember the good parts, when you are with them, you tend to notice the bad parts; this is of course until you find the one you were truly meant to be with, and then the bad bits just seem endearing. 
The thing is, very few people can see the impact of what they do now and how it relates to their futures. Which would you rather regret: the present, where you have no idea what is happening as it’s in real time and you haven’t the slightest conception of long-term consequences; or the past where you can take your time to see things as they were? People make mistakes and leave the things they love most. They fail to appreciate the good thing they once had and as a result will continuously regret their decision.
People constantly want something more, something new, but sometimes the most valuable things are what have been with us at all times. Just because something isn’t happening for you right now does not mean that it never will. Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have. Just like you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, you don’t know what you’ve been missing until it arrives. 

“Don’t take things for granted because they might not be there tomorrow." 

/Original article by Ashley. Edited by me as I felt that I could relate to it/

Updates #1

Hello everyone!! Even though I've not been regularly updating my social media platforms such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook and this blog right here. The urge for me to share my thoughts with you guys comes haunting back at me every now and then. Thus, I've decided to come up with this " updates # " posts to keep in touch with you guys. 

Perhaps many of you guys have been wondering what I've been doing, why am I no longer taking photos on Instagram, talking rubbish over twitter and more...

Well, recently I'm been spending time doing some reflecting on the things I've been through and experienced for the past 20 years. I'm going to be 21 this year, and thinking about it, I've yet to achieve anything big to make myself or my parents proud. 

I've to admit though, 2013 was AMAZING for me, I was on the spotlight for quite a while, appearing in magazines, newspapers and more but now that I think about it, all those achievements aren't " BIG " enough for me to feel accomplished. I wanna achieve bigger thing and I wanna become better! 

But thinking about it, am I emotional, mentally and physically prepared for my future endeavors? Frankly speaking, I wasn't sure.

As a result, I went on a self-reflecting break, away from all my social media platforms to re-discover myself. I've learnt a lot more about myself and sort-of figured out my capabilities and limits while determining my motivation and goals at the same time. (ALSO, I realize that in the process, I've lost countless of insta followers LOL. but heck! Those who're loyal will stick with me, right? :)  )


This two weeks break was definitely what I needed and I've learnt a lot through it. Give me a little more time and I believe I'll be able to stand up on both feet again to take up all the challenges that I'll face in the future! 

Oh.... And I'll try my best to update my Instagram and Facebook next week. HERES A PINKY PROMISE TO YOU GUYS 

But seriously... you guys need to keep reading this blog EVERYDAY!! Cause I've a couple of really exciting news that I've yet to share with you guys!! So do come back more often, okay? :)

Ps: 'll be updating more often next week. So keep checking back! 😏

Grandpa's Birthday Celebration

Celebrated my Grandpa's birthday awhile back. Every year without fail, we would celebrate my grandpa's birthday at Boonlay Raja Seafood Restaurant. I do not have a close bond with my grandpa as I feel that the has been ignoring me since young, in the sense that whenever I call his name when I visit them every week, he would totally not acknowledge my existence at all. Thus, to me, the birthday celebration was more like a happy gathering of my mother's side rather than a birthday celebration :\  
A couple of blurry photos taken with my iphone before we set off :) OH! I still had purple hair back then. 

Went shopping around the stalls outside JCube. Fyi, there are LOTS of hidden treasures there! One of the shops there sells DIRT cheap authentic colognes and my mum LOVES to go there all the time before our family meals. 
Took an OOTD for feli :p CHIO RIGHT. 

These are examples of the stuff you can find at one of the shops. Everything is at LEAST 20% cheaper than retail shops elsewhere
Even my favourite Versace Eros is selling at such a cheap price T_T  I've been wanting this scent for a really long time but I've way too many colognes at home. I've been switching between Calvin Klein Euphoria and Gucci Guilty for a while now :\ So I'm hoping to finish them fast LOL .

 A couple of selfies with mah mumma. She looks real awkward...
Headed to the restaurant afterwards and was greeted by my lovable couzzie :D

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE TO BABYSIT HIM. Oh, did I mentioned that I'm really good with babies. I know how you're suppose to carry them, how to pat them, how to make them stop crying and it's so much fun lolol. One of the reasons why I love family gatherings nowdays is the fact that I'm able to take care of him >=)
The pictures are pretty blur but it's still too cute for me to not upload it and share with you guys
Ashton's face... *_*

Brought him to the live seafood tank to play as he was bored at the dining table. 
Ashton on that day: " Woahhhhh fffff- feh feh feh FISHE " 
His uncle came to carry him too.. YES, UNCLE. HAHAHAHA. 
A selfie with him :) 
Look at Ashton as he stomps his way through the doors of the restaurant. 

The awkward moment (at least for me), my grand dad's photo taking session. All I did was take photos and look at the rest standing there, singing awkwardly :\

And we left our private dining area for a photo taking session :) 

And yes, this is JUST my mother's side. Look at how big it is LOL. Wondering where I am, just look out for my hair colour ahahaha


anyway, i'll be blogging about something personal soon (the reasons why i'm not updating my instagram etcetc)  do check back and read it!!!


Cheeks & Nose fillers @ YUME Aesthetics

Thinking about it, it’s been almost a year since I've done my fillers on my nose and it has rather subsided after December 2013.

Ever since my first experience with fillers last year, I've been researching more about the procedure and finding out how fillers can help me look better.  Especially on other parts of my face (cheeks? chin?).  My research has led me to an interesting procedure - Cheek fillers!
According to some beauty experts, a plump and well-defined cheeks can make one look more youthful, healthier, and in my opinion, happier! To me, I think that having hallow and sunken cheeks makes me look much older and fiercer

It has really bothered me since young as I've always been envious of others who have youthful cheeky cheeks! But my cheeks looks flat and hollow, especially at the inner aspect.
Thus, I was wondering if cheek fillers can help to make my cheeks look more voluminous, creating a much more pleasing visage.

For those who're wondering, fillers are aesthetics enhancements for people who want to look better, yet not making any drastic changes to their face. Most fillers comprise Hyaluronic acid, which is a substance typically made by the body that gives your skin its volume and fullness.
Hyaluronic acid injections fill the space between collagen and elastin fibres within the skin, which replenishes the natural volume lost with aging. Some hyaluronic acid materials are thicker and can add significant volume and structure. Others are smoother and thinner and have the ability to flow more consistently. 
Since I was getting really interested in cheek fillers, I thought " HECK, I might as well just ask Dr Jim if I would look better with fuller cheeks the next time I visit him ". And that was what I did!

I had a consultation session with Dr Jim a while back and I was really happy being able to see him again! (cause i know that i'm being well taken care of).

Dr Jim was very confident and knowledgeable in his field. He took time to properly explain the different types of fillers available and also the different procedures there are to inject the fillers on to my nose/cheeks.
HE explained that Restylane SubQ is a suitable filler as it is long-lasting and firm, thus making it a good filler to sculpt and to “LIFT” the cheeks and also to sharpen the nose. He also explained that the cannula technique helps to reduce bruising significantly, making fillers a lunch-time treatment!
After explaining the different details of the procedures and fillers i'll be undergoing, I'm all ready and set to go!! 


Here's an ugly side view photo of me lol! Notice once again the flat inner cheek, and my nose bridge that has gone down.

We first started off with the application of the numbing cream 


Dr Jim then made markings to create my new enhanced nose and cheeks.

An ice pack to numb the areas of my face for even more comfort!

It may look really painful here but I assure you, the pain factor was only 5/100 !! 

After injecting the fillers into my nose, Dr Wong started moulding the perfect nose bridge for me.

And we're done with the nose!
Now we're gonna start with my cheeks :)

right cheek with fillers done, see the difference ? haha

And we're done! This is how my face looks like now with the additional fillers! (p/s my face was still rather numb after the procedure but I love how my cheeks looks so much fuller!)

My nose bridge looks much higher and my cheeks looks less flat and much more 3-Dimensional now! The good thing about doing fillers is how natural it looks and fast the recovery time it takes (for me, the bruising was there for only 1-2 days) !!! I'll be talking more about my fillers the next time and show you guys how it'll look like months after doing the procedure! So if you're interested, stay tuned ;)

For those who are keen to undergo this similar treatment to enhance your looks more naturally, please contact to enjoy member’s pricing.  Just quote my name.  I don’t profit from this, but you will! ;)

Also, If you're interested to read about my previous procedure with Yume last year, read it here !
Take care ;)