Cheeks & Nose fillers @ YUME Aesthetics

Thinking about it, it’s been almost a year since I've done my fillers on my nose and it has rather subsided after December 2013.

Ever since my first experience with fillers last year, I've been researching more about the procedure and finding out how fillers can help me look better.  Especially on other parts of my face (cheeks? chin?).  My research has led me to an interesting procedure - Cheek fillers!
According to some beauty experts, a plump and well-defined cheeks can make one look more youthful, healthier, and in my opinion, happier! To me, I think that having hallow and sunken cheeks makes me look much older and fiercer

It has really bothered me since young as I've always been envious of others who have youthful cheeky cheeks! But my cheeks looks flat and hollow, especially at the inner aspect.
Thus, I was wondering if cheek fillers can help to make my cheeks look more voluminous, creating a much more pleasing visage.

For those who're wondering, fillers are aesthetics enhancements for people who want to look better, yet not making any drastic changes to their face. Most fillers comprise Hyaluronic acid, which is a substance typically made by the body that gives your skin its volume and fullness.
Hyaluronic acid injections fill the space between collagen and elastin fibres within the skin, which replenishes the natural volume lost with aging. Some hyaluronic acid materials are thicker and can add significant volume and structure. Others are smoother and thinner and have the ability to flow more consistently. 
Since I was getting really interested in cheek fillers, I thought " HECK, I might as well just ask Dr Jim if I would look better with fuller cheeks the next time I visit him ". And that was what I did!

I had a consultation session with Dr Jim a while back and I was really happy being able to see him again! (cause i know that i'm being well taken care of).

Dr Jim was very confident and knowledgeable in his field. He took time to properly explain the different types of fillers available and also the different procedures there are to inject the fillers on to my nose/cheeks.
HE explained that Restylane SubQ is a suitable filler as it is long-lasting and firm, thus making it a good filler to sculpt and to “LIFT” the cheeks and also to sharpen the nose. He also explained that the cannula technique helps to reduce bruising significantly, making fillers a lunch-time treatment!
After explaining the different details of the procedures and fillers i'll be undergoing, I'm all ready and set to go!! 


Here's an ugly side view photo of me lol! Notice once again the flat inner cheek, and my nose bridge that has gone down.

We first started off with the application of the numbing cream 


Dr Jim then made markings to create my new enhanced nose and cheeks.

An ice pack to numb the areas of my face for even more comfort!

It may look really painful here but I assure you, the pain factor was only 5/100 !! 

After injecting the fillers into my nose, Dr Wong started moulding the perfect nose bridge for me.

And we're done with the nose!
Now we're gonna start with my cheeks :)

right cheek with fillers done, see the difference ? haha

And we're done! This is how my face looks like now with the additional fillers! (p/s my face was still rather numb after the procedure but I love how my cheeks looks so much fuller!)

My nose bridge looks much higher and my cheeks looks less flat and much more 3-Dimensional now! The good thing about doing fillers is how natural it looks and fast the recovery time it takes (for me, the bruising was there for only 1-2 days) !!! I'll be talking more about my fillers the next time and show you guys how it'll look like months after doing the procedure! So if you're interested, stay tuned ;)

For those who are keen to undergo this similar treatment to enhance your looks more naturally, please contact to enjoy member’s pricing.  Just quote my name.  I don’t profit from this, but you will! ;)

Also, If you're interested to read about my previous procedure with Yume last year, read it here !
Take care ;)


  1. Hey Tyler ! how many CCs did you use in all for both cheeks ? :D

    1. Hello! For that, I'm not that sure. However, I am 100% sure that Dr Jim does not " tou gong jian liao ", thus the results are definitely good and worth the price you're gonna be paying. If you're interested, you can email to ask about the CC volume I've used haha.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello! You can email to ask about the member's pricing :)

  3. Hello, does it hurt? Will there be side effects?

    1. Hello, it does not hurt :) So far for me, there aren't any side effects. Do email if you've any enquiries !

    2. cant send any emails to