Grandpa's Birthday Celebration

Celebrated my Grandpa's birthday awhile back. Every year without fail, we would celebrate my grandpa's birthday at Boonlay Raja Seafood Restaurant. I do not have a close bond with my grandpa as I feel that the has been ignoring me since young, in the sense that whenever I call his name when I visit them every week, he would totally not acknowledge my existence at all. Thus, to me, the birthday celebration was more like a happy gathering of my mother's side rather than a birthday celebration :\  
A couple of blurry photos taken with my iphone before we set off :) OH! I still had purple hair back then. 

Went shopping around the stalls outside JCube. Fyi, there are LOTS of hidden treasures there! One of the shops there sells DIRT cheap authentic colognes and my mum LOVES to go there all the time before our family meals. 
Took an OOTD for feli :p CHIO RIGHT. 

These are examples of the stuff you can find at one of the shops. Everything is at LEAST 20% cheaper than retail shops elsewhere
Even my favourite Versace Eros is selling at such a cheap price T_T  I've been wanting this scent for a really long time but I've way too many colognes at home. I've been switching between Calvin Klein Euphoria and Gucci Guilty for a while now :\ So I'm hoping to finish them fast LOL .

 A couple of selfies with mah mumma. She looks real awkward...
Headed to the restaurant afterwards and was greeted by my lovable couzzie :D

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE TO BABYSIT HIM. Oh, did I mentioned that I'm really good with babies. I know how you're suppose to carry them, how to pat them, how to make them stop crying and it's so much fun lolol. One of the reasons why I love family gatherings nowdays is the fact that I'm able to take care of him >=)
The pictures are pretty blur but it's still too cute for me to not upload it and share with you guys
Ashton's face... *_*

Brought him to the live seafood tank to play as he was bored at the dining table. 
Ashton on that day: " Woahhhhh fffff- feh feh feh FISHE " 
His uncle came to carry him too.. YES, UNCLE. HAHAHAHA. 
A selfie with him :) 
Look at Ashton as he stomps his way through the doors of the restaurant. 

The awkward moment (at least for me), my grand dad's photo taking session. All I did was take photos and look at the rest standing there, singing awkwardly :\

And we left our private dining area for a photo taking session :) 

And yes, this is JUST my mother's side. Look at how big it is LOL. Wondering where I am, just look out for my hair colour ahahaha


anyway, i'll be blogging about something personal soon (the reasons why i'm not updating my instagram etcetc)  do check back and read it!!!


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