Quick cure for Lip Eczema/Dermatitis

A few days back, I found out that I was plagued with the terrible Dermatitis eczema thingy which cause the inflammation of my lips area.
Previously, my lips has been rather dry during my internship at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre due to the humid air around the vicinity and my only solution to that problem was to lick my lips (well, I hate applying lip balm/moisturizer as I'm extremely lazy and i hate that shiny shiny look it gives).

Being the thrifty filial son I am *cough cough*, I never made the decision to see a Doctor. However, as the days goes by, my lips became even redder and MORE SWOLLEN! It was only when my dad convinced me to see a doctor 2 days back and that was when I've finally decided to see one LOL.  Apparently, what I found out from the doctor, was that the licking of the lips only made things worst when you've dry/chapped lips and can even make your lips swollen due to the digestive juices present!

If you've these symptoms, it could mean you've dermatitis - dry, chapped skin/lips around the mouth area which could be swelling, itchy, dry, crusting, flaking, blistering, cracking or even worst bleeding.

A lot of people have been wondering why I've not been posting photos recently so yeah, here's the problem - I had dermatitis. Initially, I thought it was just another case of dry/chapped skin so all i did was apply Vaseline all day, everyday to give these lips of mine an extra boost of moisture. However, it did not help at all and it made my lips all sloppy and shiny T_T  

I swear I was feeling so demoralized during the 2 weeks period where I had dermatitis. According to my dad - I LOOK LIKE I HAVE SAUSAGE LIPS and my friends thought that I had applied lip stick as my lips were red due to the swollen-ness. Here are some pictures of how I look like..

In case you're wondering, this is how swollen the skin above my lips were!!! It's like I had an extra pair of lips T_T

AND I totally felt like this throughout this whole ordeal... 


So I decided to visit a doctor at last (2 days back).

According to the doctor, this problem is very common for lip lickers (people who lick their lips) and people who have chill every now and then.

The doctor then prescribed me with an anti allergic drug and also a cream for me to apply to reduce the swelling and swollen-ness on my lips and to my surprise, the swollen-ness subsided AFTER A DAY.


I paid a total of $30 for the medicine and cream and even though the results were good, I felt that it's a bit overpriced (but still worth it as I look 12381276392% better without that extra pair of lips)

HOWEVER, if you're that kind of person who refuse to go to a doctor just so you can save that money to spend on other stuff (like me), here are some useful home remedies and tips I've learnt throughout this stupid lip dermatitis experience

Use Honey - This is a very commonly used ingredient which can be found in every household. This miracle ingredient helps to reduce the inflammatory condition of the skin. Take some pure honey and dilute it with a little water, then apply this diluted honey on the affected skin area. Do this at least once in a day for over a week to notice positive improvement in your skin condition (oh, it helps to soothe acne too!) 
Use Vitamin E - One of the best and easily made home remedy for dermatitis is vitamin E Oil, this oil can help rejuvenate the elasticity in the skin. When vitamin E oil is applied on the affected area, it gives instant relief from the itching and inflammation. TO promote healing of the inflamed skin, you can try lotions and creams containing Vitamin E. 
STOP Liplicking - As simple as that 
Reduce your Chili Intake
If you're keen to try out tropical creams, try this - " Hydrocort ointment " - THIS IS FREAKING GOOD and it made my lips freaking moisturized and reduced the swollen appearance present on my lips. 
This is how my lips looks like after 2 days of applying the hydrocort ointment, honey mask and also the doctor's anti allergic drug. LOOKING SO MUCH BETTER ALREADY LOR!!


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