Updates #1

Hello everyone!! Even though I've not been regularly updating my social media platforms such as twitter, Instagram, Facebook and this blog right here. The urge for me to share my thoughts with you guys comes haunting back at me every now and then. Thus, I've decided to come up with this " updates # " posts to keep in touch with you guys. 

Perhaps many of you guys have been wondering what I've been doing, why am I no longer taking photos on Instagram, talking rubbish over twitter and more...

Well, recently I'm been spending time doing some reflecting on the things I've been through and experienced for the past 20 years. I'm going to be 21 this year, and thinking about it, I've yet to achieve anything big to make myself or my parents proud. 

I've to admit though, 2013 was AMAZING for me, I was on the spotlight for quite a while, appearing in magazines, newspapers and more but now that I think about it, all those achievements aren't " BIG " enough for me to feel accomplished. I wanna achieve bigger thing and I wanna become better! 

But thinking about it, am I emotional, mentally and physically prepared for my future endeavors? Frankly speaking, I wasn't sure.

As a result, I went on a self-reflecting break, away from all my social media platforms to re-discover myself. I've learnt a lot more about myself and sort-of figured out my capabilities and limits while determining my motivation and goals at the same time. (ALSO, I realize that in the process, I've lost countless of insta followers LOL. but heck! Those who're loyal will stick with me, right? :)  )


This two weeks break was definitely what I needed and I've learnt a lot through it. Give me a little more time and I believe I'll be able to stand up on both feet again to take up all the challenges that I'll face in the future! 

Oh.... And I'll try my best to update my Instagram and Facebook next week. HERES A PINKY PROMISE TO YOU GUYS 

But seriously... you guys need to keep reading this blog EVERYDAY!! Cause I've a couple of really exciting news that I've yet to share with you guys!! So do come back more often, okay? :)

Ps: 'll be updating more often next week. So keep checking back! 😏

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