Gushcloud Goes Hong Kong!!! #1 - Cathay Pacific x Harbour City x Marco Polo x The Peak

A week back, I had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong for a 5D4N holiday with the Gushcloud Family. I was thrilled to know that we'll be exploring Hong Kong and the many wonders there! Thinking about it, the only memory I had of Hong Kong was a family trip there with my mother's side roughly 15years back. I don't really remember much of my time there so I'm glad that I am able to experience Hong Kong again. What's even better, is that this time, I'm spending it with the Gushcloud family!!!

Sooo yeah, I was given the opportunity to fly to Hongkong with the Gushcloud family and also enjoy a luxurious and relaxing stay at one of the best hotels in HongKong, courtesy of Cathay PacificHarbour City and Marco Polo Hotel.

The trip to HongKong took approximately 3hours from Singapore. 
It was my first time taking Cathay Pacific and I'm LIVING for the spacious seats! If you've been following me on my twitter, you may have known that I've been travelling a whole lot this month (Taipei, Seoul etc) and believe me, the seats at the airlines I've taken were NOWHERE as spacious as Cathay Pacific! I had lots of leg space and even had extra to place my bag and other stuff. The in-flight entertainment were pretty updated and the food tasted not bad too!

In overall, it was definitely one of my comfiest airplane ride ever :) Sooo I've to give 2 thumbs up for Cathay Pacific!

After we've collected our luggage from the conveyor belt, we were directed to a bus which lead us to Marco Polo Hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui!

I shared a room with Julian for that 5D4N stay. The hotel rooms were definitely luxurious and spacious!! I LOVEEE their down pillows there as it was so comfyy I fell asleep immediately almost every night!

After we settling down, we left our hotel rooms to have dinner somewhere (I've no idea where we went as I just followed the crowd LOL). I've the say, the streets at HongKong were really really pretty! You can expect lots of bright lights even at 4pm or so. 

After dinner, we rushed to the peak to visit the Madame Tussauds wax museum! We were granted priority access, which means 0 QUEUES AND WE WERE REALLY GLAD! JUST LOOK AT HOW LONG THE QUEUE BEHIND US IS. CRAYYY
 Shortly after, we boarded the cable bus or whatever it is to the peak! 
 Looking at how happy the bloggers are makes me smile :)
 We were also greeted by the magnificent city lights of Hong Kong :)

A Disclaimer before we continue- I had a terrible flu and slight cough that day, which explains why I was wearing a mask for the first few days of the Hong Kong trip

Our first Destination was the wax museum, where we were greeted by life-like wax figurines done by the talented Madame Tussauds. JUST LOOK AT THIS JACKIE CHAN. 
 Inside the museum, you'll get confused easily.... who are the humans?!?!?! and which are the wax figures !?!?!
 My touring partner for that day, Rachel! 
 A closeup of one of the wax figures... just look at how realistic they are. Their eyes even has a shine to it and their hair looks freaking realistic to the point that it's actually kinda scary!!

From here on, the photos will do the talking for me :)
 The two Audreys' :) 

I'm literally off ground for this spiderman shot. 

After the fun times spent at the Wax Museum, we ended our night by visiting the peak, where we were greeted by the beautiful night lights of Hong Kong! Though it was pretty cloudy that day, the view was still awesome :) 

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Post 2 will be up soon :) So do check back tomorrow? .... :p

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