I met up with Eleanor some time back for a meal to catch up. It was a rather impromptu plan but I'm pretty glad that everything worked out well :)
Flooding you with selfies taken for that day!

For those who do not know, sushi has already passed away early this year. The hamster on my hand, is Courage! He's a gift from Felicia during last year's Christmas. I had a pretty hard time trying to tame him as he was extremely cowardly, in the sense that whenever you try to touch/grab him, he'll start to squeak. Not only that, he's also real super hyperactive and smart so it's pretty hard to understand him at first.
Nonetheless, I was pretty glad that he's a much better boy right now :) Currently he's at 7months old?

Flooding you with more selfies before I left home :) 

And tadah, here I am at Cathay with Eleanor!
We decided to have dinner at CONCETTO by Saveur, which is the italian branch of Saveur located at The Cathay. The queue was terrible that day, making us wait for roughly... an hour during dinner time? We were really hungry so we opted for some deep fried mushrooms (yum) as appetizers at the B1 of Cathay.

After an hour, we were finally seated in Concetto.

Eleanor had the squid ink risotto that day. Didn't give it a try as I didn't want my mouth to be stained black. However, the portion looks really really small... don't you think so too?
My white wine vongole. It was really really bad.... probably the worst vongole I've ever tasted. I had really high expectations from Concetto as I loved most of the food at Saveur.
The portion for this was pretty small and the taste was a little too bitter for my liking.

Another thing I've to point out is that Concetto doesn't have a proper ventilation system for the kitchen. As the kitchen is located JUST in front of you, the smell and smoke can get to you and it can be rather unpleasant and humid inside the restaurant.

Thus, in overall... I don't think that I'll be coming back to this restaurant anytime soon. I'll rather much have Saizeriya or Popeyes over Concetto anyday.

Eleanor and I challenged each other to a game of pool afterwards We managed to get a table despite it being a weekends. Pretty pricy though.
Spency came to join us afterwards.
FYI, i'm not just posing for the photo. I CAN PLAY OKAY!!! I won 3/5 matches that day :) Not bad considering the fact that It's been ages since I've last hit the table. 
I kinda forgot where we went afterwards :\

Anyway, I'll be updating my blog regularly for this week as I'll be having my schedule packed with my upcoming HK trip and graduation preparation. Do check back often to read my blog :)

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