From Zero to Hero - Korean Twin Sisters who went for dramatic Plastic Surgery

I was browsing through youtube the other day and happen to chance upon this Korean reality show called " Let's Beauty ". In this show, they gave opportunities for several people to undergo a series of sponsored operations. In this episode, they were talking about this twin sisters from South Korea.  

Before the surgery, the doctors has to examine their facial structures to determine the change needed to make these twin sisters GORGEOUS. The procedure was relatively big but they had confidence that they were going to do well .

ARE YOU READY FOR THEIR BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS? Cause frankly speaking, it kinda shocked me ...

B&A Twin #1
 B&A Twin #2

Their side view, before and after


Their front view

I WAS REALLY REALLY AMAZED by how much their aesthetics has changed. They LOOK amazing now and i'm sure that they're happy with how they look right now too :)

I think this show really reminds me of this old reality tv show called " Extreme Makeover ". 

I used to enjoy watching this show and watch how something as simple as plastic surgery can actually change a person's life for the better. Since then, I've had a positive view of plastic surgery as I think that it is a beautiful process. Not only does it not only helps to to boost one's self esteem and confidence, but it also gives them a chance to make their life a whole lot better! Looking at how amazing and cuteeee these twins are right now makes me smile :p

Beauty is something that many consider skin deep, but then again, it doesn't hurt to have a little extra help, right?

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