HIFUMI x Crab Feast at 126

Roughly a month back, I met up with my dearest friends at Plaza Singapura for a meal together :) The original plan was to chill there till late night, where we would be having crab feast supper at 126 :) 

With KC @ PS :)
Fabin & Andrew :) 

OOTD Shots of me ;) 

Dined at HIFUMI again! It's my second time having dinner there and I've to say that the food there is still pretty good ;) My previous time there - http://www.tylerhikaru.com/2013/07/the-cross-roads.html
What's unique about HIFUME is that all your main course meals comes with the all-you-can-eat appetizer bar!!


The food at the appetizer bar was pretty good! I LOVE the potato salad and mochi !
And what's a meal without Chawanmushi !! Fyi, the chawanmushi is also included in the free flow appetizer bar !! 
Our row of Chawanmushi " shots ". LOL 

KC's baked rice with cheese and curry! It tastes reaaal good !! 

Andrew with his set meal :) 

Someone's katsu don. I think it belongs to fabin lol 

And my crispy chicken in teriyaki sauce. It tastes reaaally good :) Definitely one of the better teriyaki chicken I've ever tried. 

Looking back... I think I look pretty hideous with that haircolour and hairstyle hahaha

We headed over to The Mind Cafe for a session of BANG! afterwards. It costs around $10 per pax with 1 free drink included. 
I've played BANG almost everyday during my poly days and I find it a really fun and challenging game. It kinda reminds me of the game " cluedo " and " werewolf ", whereby you'll to figure out who're the good guys and who're the bad ones.
But first, a selfie!

We had a really good time at The Mind Cafe ! Normally it would be either mahjong or party and drinks with this group of friends, so it was a pretty good change for once at this place! This is what I call... quality time spent with friends :)


I drove us to 126 afterwards for our crab feast ;) I've blogged about 126 countless times so I'm sure it's no stranger to you guys... right? hahaha

While waiting for our food to arrive... SELFIES :)
My lips were still swollen back then hahaha 

The dimsum we ordered other than the crabs ;) 

And here comes the crabs!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the crabs at 126 as they're freaking affordable (only $14 each) and not only that, they tastes damn good!! They don't scrimp on the flavouring so you'll pretty much get a burst of flavours if you're ordering different flavours at once. 

We ordered Salted Egg crab, Butter crab, Black pepper crab, Steamed crab and Chilli crab that day ;) 
Considering the amount of crabs we ordered, the total bill only amounted to $80+? Which amounted to $12+ per pax. I DARE YOU TO TELL ME THAT THE FOOD ISN'T CHEAP!! Where else can you get to taste so many different crabs at such cheap prices! Tell me! hahaha

After this, we headed off to Xiao Gui Ling at Bukit Gombak to chill. It was pretty dark around there so we didn't take photos there :p Being the awesome friend I am, I drove each and everyone of them back home afterwards hahaha .

Sigh, apparently such good times like these won't last as everyone's really busy with their own aspects of life. I feel kinda sian actually... maybe I'll need to socialize and make more friends this year ><


  1. May I know wheres 126? The crabs look yummy!!!

    1. Hello! It's located at a street near Geylang :)