LaCantina @ Changi Village

Headed to La Cantina for dinner some time back as I was having a terrible craving for Crab meat linguine back then. I did a little research over the internet and found out that La Cantina is considered the #1 choice when it comes to Crab Pasta so I headed over there for dinner with a friend. 

Mandatory flood of selfies before heading out :) 

And it would be a waste not to upload these photos below to share with you guys :p

Okay let me stop with the influx of photos.

La Cantina in venezia is located on the 8th level of Changi Village Hotel. It has a pretty much classy ambiance and is ideal for those who're looking for a quiet place to have your lunch and dinner. 

As mentioned earlier, I was there for one sole purpose - To give their crab pasta a try and that was what I did!
Le friend who's busy browsing through the menu 

And the act yi-ge candid me ;) 
As the food took quite some time to arrive, I thought it would be appropriate to take some photos while waiting :) 

Our appetizers. The bread was relatively soft and fragrant :) 

This is their recommended soup of the day (which I really regretted ordering). It was recommended to me by one of the waitresses there and boy oh boy, it was really overpriced. The soup didn't taste good, infact the tomato base was really overwhelming and it cost us $38 for this -_- I can't believe how this is actually more expensive than most of the main courses available in the menu...hello ! it's just clams and a couple of herbs and spices...

The pasta itself took some time so we continued with the photo taking sessions..

and here comes La Cantina's famous crab meat linguine ! (Al Granchio) 
I felt that the crab pasta did live up to it's name. It was a perfect mixture of cheese and other sauces, it didn't taste gelat after multiple bites and the crab meat were big and chunky. Yums!!! It is considered really affordable for me as it is priced at only $28! This is what I call, PERFECTO

The bill was around $100+ that day. I would definitely recommend the crab meat linguine but if I've a word of advice for each and everyone of you who're visiting that place.... NEVER ever order what the people there recommends. Most of the time, they've close to little knowledge of the menu and they are always recommending the pricest food available. Personally the soup spoil the entire experience for me (It was definitely overpriced and the taste was disappointing.)

However, La Cantina in venezia is definitely still one of the italian restaurants that you must try even if the restaurant itself is not the most accessible place. 

I LIVE for the Al Granchio (Crabmeat Linguine)
La Cantina in venezia
1 Netheravon Road
#08/09-02 Changi Village Hotel
Tel: +65 6546 9190


  1. I have been really enjoying your blog! Male blogs are very rare that are also interesting. I look forward to see many more posts :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading :) I will work hard!