I know that this post came rather slow but YESSS, I've officially graduated with a diploma :D

Thinking back, the past 3 years have been a roller coaster ride... Well, actually everything in my life HAS been a roller coaster ride. As I look back... I'm kinda wondering how I actually managed to get through the tough times. 


SOO ya, back to my graduation.

I woke up kinda late that day. I didn't had much sleep prior to the graduation day so I kinda woke up with sore eyes. I was literally spamming myself with eye drops in hopes that the redness would be gone by the time I reach sch. THANK GOD IT DID!

Eyes still red here ):

While waiting for le friends to arrive, I managed to bump into some of my lovable classmates :D 

I was an hour late for the graduation ceremony but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!
<3 XY

In the ceremonial hall, I passed the camera to le bff. Thus you'll be seeing things in her point of view now :)

Really thankful and grateful to have this girl with me towards the end of my schooling journey. It was rough and tough but we managed to get through it all :) Thank you jessica <3

We took the photo taking sessions to the outside :D IT WAS TERRIBLY HOT THAT DAY. What's wrong with the weather in Singapore recently!?!?!

With the gorgeous mummy who gave birth to me... I feel like i'm being photo bombed by the post girl behind ... LOL 
The parents wore the same color on that day to show their love . SWEET RIGHT HAHAHA 

Friends who came down :) Thank you xxxx

Shan't be long winded and just show you the rest of the photos ;) ENJOY!!!

KC arrived really late that day. But like I said, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! HAHAHA

We had lunch at " The Streats " afterwards :) 

I look like a manager that day. Doing the " Sheng shiong quan shi wei le ni " pose HAHAHA>

Cheers to graduating :D (healthy version)

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