Gushcloud Goes HongKong!!! #2 - HongKong Disneyland

Before I start on this post, I would firstly like to apologize for the delays of the update of this post T_T I've been really busy recently... not that it's a bad thing but it's kinda draining for me to try and blog after midnight... 


Sooo yeah, this will be my second post for Gushcloud Goes Hong Kong!! And as the title mentioned, we headed to Hong Kong Disneyland on Day 2!!!

(For more info on Hongkong Disneyland, check out )

Anyway, I just want to share with you guys the spectacular sea view that I've been waking up to everyday during my stay at Hong Kong. It was AMAAAAZING :) Thank you Marco Polo Hotel

I'll let the picture do the talking for today's post ;) So let's go!

En route to HongKong Disneyland

Our first stop was Disneyland Resorts as we were gonna have our lunch there that day :) There, our tour guide gave us a detailed introduction of Hong Kong Disneyland and it's resorts. 

Fun fact: Do you know that in Hong kong Disneyland, there are several Mickeys and Minnies hidden around the theme park and the resorts? 

Here's one for example... can you spot it? 
A close up view for you :) Try to spot Mickey before you proceed, the answer will be below this picture!

If you've found Mickey, congrats! If you gave up, well... there are actually several Mickeys hidden along the blue,green and light blue area. Notice the circular light green shapes with 2 ears? THAT'S MICKEY!

Moving along, we had an awesome Disney themed lunch at Disney Resorts :)
DA CLAWWWWW!!! Too cute X)
Feeding de hungry jiejie :)
Feeding another hungry jiejie, our frienager, Freda :D 

After lunch, our next stop was definitely the highlight of the day. DISNEYLAND!!

If i'm right, I think I've actually been in Hong Kong Disneyland when I was younger... but I may be wrong :\ The Disneyland that I DO remember visiting was Japan Disneyland! IT WAS SPECTACULAR and every moment spent there was a fun and memorable one.

If you've never been to any Disneyland in the world before, PLEASEEEEE... Save up, travel and give Disneyland a go. It's definitely a place filled with lots of fun, laughter and smiles (and also a place where dreams come true~)

Even with a mask on, I'm sure you can feel the happiness in me :p 

Our first destination was the Grizzly Gulch :) 
A photo of the runaway mine cars :) Everyone took this to kick start the day! 

Oh, and after you're done with the rides, don't forget to spot a Hidden Minnie here :) 

Next up, we headed to the Mystic Point!

After enjoying the rides, we headed back to the Main Square for the parade :) It was really entertaining watching all the Disney Mascots parade the area! 

The Disney princesses kinda looks creepy to me... LOL

One of my favourite Disney movies of all time.. LION KING!!!


The parade lasted roughly an hour? Look at the crazy crowd that's present !!!

And it's back to more fun times at Disneyland!!!

Our next stop, Toy story land (also one of my favs, I LOVE REX!)

The RC racer is definitely one of the more thrilling ride available at Disneyland. I personally LOVED this ride and even took it twice :) 

Fun times with slingy :) Spot the gushers !

And the rest are just on and off photos taken during our remaining time at Disneyland :) 

And then, there's dinner time!! 

We felt so pampered as we were allowed to order whatever our heart desires. We had lobsters, steak and more that day!!! Thank you Disneyland, Thank you Hongkong Tourism Board!! :) 

The BEST mushroom soup I've ever had in my whole entire life. Fred and I had 3rd servings of this x) 

And we finished the day with a little shopping time at the gift store and ended the day with the fireworks show at Disneyland ;) 

(Sorry for the low quality photos, my cam went flat after dinner)

I'll be posting up the final post for Gushcloud Goes Hongkong by this week and this is a promise!!

So do check back often!!

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