After seeing this went viral on facebook. I decided to give this game a try!!! (blue is for my answer). Oh, don't forget to try this game for yourself before reading my answers :)
“I want you to imagine a desert, stretching out as far as your eyes can see. In this desert is a cube.
Your first task is to describe the cube. What does it look like? How large is it? What is it made of? Where exactly is it?”
The cube is made of glass and it's beautifully transparent. It reflects the light from the sun and it's half of my body size. It's not that far away from me, probably 5 minutes walk away? It's on the sand

“As you look at the desert and your cube, you notice there is also a ladder. Your second task (there are just five) is to describe the ladder. What is it made of? How big is it? Where is it, in relation to the cube?”

The ladder is made of wood and is pretty small. It's leaning towards the cube.

“Now imagine that in the scene there is a horse. (Yes, horse. I didn’t say this desert made sense). Your third task: describe the horse. Most importantly: where is the horse, and what is it doing? Where, if anywhere, is it going?”

I see a white horse with a horn on it. Yes, a freaking unicorn LOL. It's pretty far from me and it's staring right back at me. It's not moving though

“We’re nearly there now. In the scene before you are flowers. Your penultimate task: describe the flowers. How many are there? What do they look like? Where are they, in relation to the horse, cube, ladder and sand?”

There's an evergreen field of flowers appearing all of a sudden. They resemble lavender, beautiful and fragrant (or should I use, nice smelling instead LOL). They're everywhere :\

“Final question. In the desert there is a storm. Describe the storm. What type of storm is it? Is it near, or far? What direction is it headed? Does it affect the horse, flowers, cube or ladder?”

There is a tornado coming towards me, though it's still far and I believe that I can siam (avoid) it. The horse is running towards me to run away from it and the flowers are destroyed. The cube and ladder stays put though

“If you’ve been playing along, this is going to be fun. If you didn’t, I must warn you: the next part ruins your ability to play this game ever again. If you won’t want to ruin it forever, go back now. Trust me.”
The cube is yourself.
The size is ostensibly your ego: a large cube means you’re pretty sure of yourself, a small cube less so.

The vertical placement of the cube is how grounded you are. Resting on the sand? You’re probably pretty down to earth. Floating in the sky? Your head is in the clouds.

The cube’s material conveys how open you are: transparent cubes belong to transparent people, opaque cubes are more protective of their minds. Glowing? You’re likely a positive person, who aims to raise the spirits of others. Made of granite? You’re likely protective and resilient.

The trick here is that when asked to describe a blank, abstract entity – a cube – your imagination will tend to project its own identity onto it. This trick is as old as time, but it’s about to get more interesting.”

The ladder represents 
your friends.
Are your friends leaning on the cube? Your friends depend on you, and are close. Is the ladder frail, or robust? Tall or short? Does it lead inside the cube? Or is it cast to one side, lying unloved on the sand? By now you should be able to draw your own conclusions.”

The horse represents your dream partner.
The type of horse reveals a lot about what you yearn for in a partner. Some people see a steady brown workhorse, others a shining pegasus or unicorn. Make of these people what you will.

Is your horse nuzzling your cube affectionately, or taking a bite out of it? Is it far from your cube, or walking away? This can represent a current partner, or an aspirational one, but the results are often a mix of touching and hilarious.”

(LOL MY MAGNIFICENT HORSE IS FAR AWAY FROM ME. Frankly speaking, I've no idea why I thought of a unicorn thou HAHAHA. Besides, it's staring at me, what does it mean??? )

The flowers represent 
The number of flowers relates to how many you imagine having. Some people see just a single, withered daisy; others a resplendent garden covering the cube and desert beneath.

The colour and vitality of the flowers can speak to their health and presumed prosperity. The placement – particularly in relation to the cube – can reveal interesting relations; I met one woman whose horse was eating their flowers.”

( Maybe i'll be a baby sitter in the future LOL). 

Finally, the storm represents 
This speaks to the current state of the person, and how they perceive risk in their life. Some may see a distant storm, on the lip of the horizon, fading from sight. Others may view themselves in the midst of a thunderous apocalypse, hailstones the size of tennis balls pelting their fragile cube and horse. Chances are those people have some immediate trauma in their life.”

(Distant apocalypse HAHAHA!)
As the article said, all these may not be true, but it IS pretty interesting. Don't you think so too? :p

Another blogpost will be greeting you tomorrow :) 

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