La Cantina x Five & Dime

Had my favourite Algranchio (crabmeat linguine) again with Kc some time back. This time, we did not make the same mistake of ordering what they've recommended but just went with our gut feeling. Turns out, the food was not that bad!


The sole reason why I'm still patronizing La Cantina - Their famed and super delish Al Granchio!
The meal totaled up to $108 that day. The service was terrible that day even though the restaurant wasn't packed at all :\ 

La Cantina in Venezia

Address: #08/09-02, Le Meridien Changi, 1 Netheravon Road 

Headed to Five & Dime for desserts afterwards! Spencer joined us halfway thru

Some souffle thingy. It's my first time giving this a try and it's pretty good :) 
And we also had my fav that day!! Custard Lava cake :) 

  1. Five & Dime Eatery
  2. Address: 297 River Valley Rd, Singapore 238338
    Phone:9236 5002

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