Night Shopping @ Mustafa Plaza

Roughly 2 months back, I had a date with my dearest bff for a shopping session at Mustafa Plaza. It was to prepare myself for my upcoming taipei/hongkong/korea trip (getting the daily essentials, cup noodles and more).

I really enjoy visiting supermarkets like these as I always find myself amazed by the large array and variety of products and things there. You can also expect to find lots of weird weird stuff too!

Poses that I'll only do for my bff. 

I prepared a really long list of stuff to get that day, which includes cup noodles, instant porridge, canned soup, daily necessities, wet tissues, medicines, vitamins and the list goes on! The best thing about Mustafa Plaza is the fact that it's 24 hours!!! :D

Bought a large packet of oatmeal for my overseas trip (which I threw away a few days later as I over exceeded the maximum weight of my luggage -_-)

Another reason why I love to visit the supermarket with my friends - THE LIGHTING.

The lighting at most supermarkets uses the soft white light which compliments our skin! :D Don't you hate taking photos at places where the light makes you look like you have a serious case of zinc deficiency?
Like I said, the only person I'm willing to look ugly for is my bff =x

The people behind are probably wondering what the heck I'm doing LOL 

LAST WARNING FOR MY BFF HAHA. The picture would be perfect if that lady actually looked over. 

Ok ok I get it that you love me. Stop blowing kisses at me. 

I think we spent around 2 hours at Mustafa Plaza that day :) 

Tmd can you take nicer candid photos of me next time? LOL 
I feel really really blessed to have you in my life. Love you bff <3


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