DASH Activation x Dancing Crab

Met up with the Gushers roughly a month back for an event activation ;) We were pretty early that day so we decided to have our late lunch at Pontian before the activation starts.

I tried out Pontian's latest invention-  Their cheesy noodles. Frankly, it's NOT THAT BAD. The only thing I've to complain about is the thickness of the cheese. It's too freaking gao (thick) and jellat after a few bites. Definitely would be better if it's of a more soup-like consistently. Appearance wise, it kinda grossed out the other gushers who were there LOL

The activation was rather brief. We got to know more about this app which is introduced by Singtel and Standard Chartered! Will be talking more about this app soon :) 

Had our second lunch at Old town cafe after the event activation. I didn't stay there for long as I was meeting a pig for a date that day :)

FACE OF THE DAY. I think I look damn tired hahaha  

And POOF. Here's me lying down at play nation! They've recently shifted to the opposite side of SCAPE and their comfy couches has been replaced with bean bags :\ Nontheless, it was still comfortable. Had a blast playing Sonic Racing and another zombie shooting game ;)

Cabbed down to Turf City for dinner afterwards
 The plan to dine here was actually rather impromptu. Apparently, I happened to see a photo of my friends dining here the week before I came and since I thought that the crabs looks really really good, why not give it a try? AND that was what I did! Totally no regrets :p

Shared one of the bags with the pig. The clams were really big and juicy!!! Yums!! Just looking at the photo itself is making me hungry T_T 

Trying to make do with the bad lighting. I KNOW I LOOK HORRIBLE SHUDAP LOL 

The rest of the food came shortly after. THE FOOD LOOKS SO FREAKING GOOD RIGHT? 

Basically, the restaurant's concept is somewhat pretty much similar to the Cajun Kings, where you'll be eating seafood off a bag, on a table, with your bare hands. 

We had their crabs in the special in house sauce. IT TASTES SOO GOOOD. It's not too spicy and definitely good for lousy chili eaters like me :) 

The Dancing Crab
#01-20/21, The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road 

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