I.T Store Opening @ Orchard Gate way x Chomp Chomp Food Centre

Attended the opening of I.T Store @ Orchard Gateway some time back. Wanted to go for a much different look this time so I went ahead with something much more casual... 

My eyebrows weren't drawn okay!! They look very thick and dark here thanks to the eyebrow thingy that I did at BENEFIT Hong Kong :)

There weren't much to do other than to mingle with the rest of the gushers :) 

Been ages since I've last seen this girl <3 

Donnah's attempt to photo bomb us  :D 

Headed over to Hollyhoque to accompany Jamie with her selection of items X) 

 Happened to pass by 12 cupcakes at Orchad Gateway and saw these beauties up on their display area!! It looks overwhelmingly sweet though... LOL

I got myself a couple of the red velvet cupcakes to surprise the pig that day! Had supper/dinner at Chomp Chomp afterwards! I decided on Chomp Chomp as I was searching online on the best BBQ Stingray In Singapore as the pig had a craving for BBQ stingray and Chomp Chomp was the only one who opens past 11pm! So tadah, Chomp chomp it is lol.

The last few times I've been here, I didn't get to try any of the seafood stalls. So this was my actual first try on the seafood there.

Ordered my usual big fat ass glass of sugarcane lemon juice :) 

The food we ordered! Oyster Egg was okay I guess? I didn't had the saltiness that I was looking for but the pig thinks that it's nice... so I assume it's nice. LOL. I didn't have the oyster so I've no idea if it's good thou
 The stingray and clams! The clams were terrible and definitely worth ordering. As for the stingray, we ordered it from the most popular store (the white signboard one which can be seen when you enter the food centre) and it was pretty much .... not bad? The fish was really tender and soft but the portion was too small for us. This is a $14 portion fyi... not really a value for money. 

I'll probably not be back here for a seafood feast again unless I'm out of options HAHAHA. Otherwise, I'll definitely stick to ECP for my favourite stingray x)

Forced the pig to finish the cupcakes afterwards and that pretty much summed up my day :)

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