KBBQ @ Bukit Timah

My next couple of posts will be mainly photos which were taken during May-June. I know, i know... I'm slow! HAHAHA. But I think it's good in a way? I get to think back on the things that I've done as I'm typing the posts out..

Soooo some time back during late may, I met up with Jerry for KBBQ! Frankly, I was pretty sick of KBBQ (hello, I was at korea for 10days?) hahaha but since I didn't had any cravings or recommendations that day, I decided to go along with Jerry's plans. 

My lips were rather swollen that day ): UGLY.

I forgot what's the name of the restaurant but it's located opposite beauty world shopping centre! It's near the stretch of lan shops near the bus stop ;) 

The restaurant's concept is pretty old sch and has a similar graffiti-cafe concept like pontian. We didn't bring our markers and pens that day but since there was pretty much nothing for us to do, we started playing a game of " find the word/drawing " . LOL 

Can you find the word " we'll be happy together? " :) 

What about the words " Ariel " ? :) 

A good thing about the restaurant itself is the fact that they've helpers there to help you bbq your food :) Ordered one of their set meals for 2 that day, pretty affordable!! Around $60-70? ..
 Dokboki which I ordered but couldn't finish as it was too spicy >< brought it home for my parents to give it a taste instead hahah

No pictures of me in the restaurant as I look horrendous that day. Look at the photos of my handsome friend ok? LOL 

Picked up KC afterwards for a long chat at the beach and headed home afterwards. GODDD I look horrendous HAHAHA. 

Will be blogging another TTKYT post tomorrow :)

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