Ramen Keisuke Round 2 !

Had a date with my bff roughly a month back and I brought her to my favourite ramen place, Ramen Keisuke for dinner!!! If you've no idea what i'm talking about, i'm actually talking about this ramen place at Tanjong Pagar which to me, serves the BEST ramen in Singapore (Original blogpost at http://www.tylerhikaru.com/2014/04/best-ramen-in-singapore-ramen-keisuke.html). 

Free flow ice water, condiments and hard boiled eggs :)
My original/traditional ramen ^_^
BFF's Spicy Tanpopo ramen

The hard boiled eggs were rather bad that day... the shells were stuck hard against the whites ):

Stupid faces.... things i'm willing to do just for my bff

We took a couple of photos before heading back to the car. The pro me teaching le bff how to take OOTD shots... even though I suck at it HAHAHA

Headed to ECP to have a catch up on my bff's latest happenings. I almost cried listening to her pains and woes that day ): Be strong always dear bff, i'm always here for you~

Headed back to my mum's workplace afterwards and had a date at Mustafa with the pig late that night. I had such a good time back then ... memories.. T_T

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