Salon Vim: Going Lilac Blonde x Paradise Dynasty

After being a blondie for a really long time, I've finally decided to go for a Ash/Lilac Blonde kinda colour this time round to experiment with something new :) 

The sides of my hair has been black throughout the whole course of this year. Only the crown and top portion of my hair's been dyed and bleached continuously so this time, I'm intending to get the colour on my whole head instead !

Some selfies before the colour change :)

At Salon Vim!

After discussing my preferences with my hairstylist Jamie, we went ahead with the colouring and bleaching process :) 

For those who're wondering - Doesn't bleaching hurt your scalp like mad?

WELL, thankfully... I'm born with an iron head HAHAHA! After bleaching countless times since the start of my poly days, the only uncomfortable experience I've had with bleaching is the itchiness it gives. Other than that, I FEEL ZERO PAIN.


I can have chio hair with no pain.

The only pain is the waiting procedure which takes forever to be done. Sigh, the things we do to look good.. hahaha 

Some heating steamer to speed up the bleaching process :) 

 And after adding in the colour for my hair. This is the end results (with wet hair)

This is how it looks like when my hair's dry and styled nicely ;) NICE RIGHT!

What are you waiting for? Head down to Salon Vim (313/Bugis) to have your hair done by the awesome hairstylists there !!! My stylist is Jamie who's the Salon director so request for her if you want fab hair like mine HAHAHA. 
Salon Vim (Facebook page)
313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09
Bugis Village @ 235 Victoria Street s(188027)

Monday to Friday 11am - 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm

Contact:             6884-7757       or             6884-7767      

You can quote my name to get 10% off for your hair services
Otherwise, you can also sign up as a Salon Vim member to get 15% off each visit :)

Afterwards, I met L and caught " How to train a Dragon 2 " with him that day :) The movie was really really cute but there were some really nonsensical parts which I did not understand LOL. 

All in all, the movie was GREAT. Except for the part where there's this really annoying child who's crying and screaming non stop throughout the movie....just STFU! I wonder what his parents were thinking, letting their child make so much noise in the cinema and doing nothing to make him feel better? 

Moving on, selfies with my new hair colour :) 

Dined at Paradise Dynasty afterwards!

L's stir fried noodles!

My seafood fried rice :) 

10 pieces of P.D's famous XLB! 

and that's about it that day :) Happy Days #9 ! :) 

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